The Prom Queen by R.L. Stine

What do you get when you mix Mean Girls and Fear Street?  The Prom Queen!

Seriously, this was about the funnest Fear Street I’ve read so far.  It starts on an eventful day.  First, everyone is talking about the dead girl that was found in the Fear Street Woods.  Then, there’s an assembly to announce the Prom Queen candidates!  There are five.  Simone, who is rich and flashy and dating the cutest boy in school.  Elana, who is the most popular girl in school.  Dawn, a tennis player who always wins.  Rachel, who has to study a lot because she doesn’t have any money.  Finally, Lizzie, the every-girl of the group who’s nice, has a long distance relationship, and works on the sets for the school play.  After school, the prom queens all go out for pizza together and make jokes at each other’s expense and then the next day Simone is kidnapped!  They find only a pool of blood in her bedroom.

It seems there is a killer slowly picking off the prom queen candidates.  But who can it be and what is the motive?  Is it the weird guy, Lucas, who used to date Simone and makes terrible jokes to Lizzie all of the time?  Or could it be Justin, Simone’s other ex who ran around on her all of the time and is suddenly acting really weird around Lizzie?  One thing is for sure:  She better figure it out soon or she’ll be next!


Tally Monday- October 16, 2017

Checked Out

  1. Turtles All the Way Down by John Green


  1. Walk Away the Pounds by Leslie Sansone


  1. The Knife by R.L. Stine
  2. Psychic Academy, vol 1 by Katsu Aki
  3. Walk Away the Pounds by Leslie Sansone

Reading: Edith Wharton by Hermione Lee and The Prom Queen by R.L. Stine

I’m having one of those mornings and I kind of think that it’s been one of those weeks.  No, I am not about to feed you some sob story about how hard life is and how there is no joy and blah, blah, blah.  No.  The problem is, as usual, there are just so many books that I want to put in my face right now!

I have been very slowly ticking away at the 800 page Edith Wharton biography and I find it super fascinating.  Part of what I like about Wharton’s books is that Old New York atmosphere.  She’s almost like an American Austen, questioning social mores and all that.  The Age of Innocence was the classic that got me into classics when I was in high school and when I reread it a few years ago I was shocked at how much I had missed, how deep it was.  I’ve only read that and House of Mirth but have long considered Wharton to be one of the greats.  However, as much as I am enjoying it I have to admit that it is a slow read.  I aim for 10 pages of nonfiction per day and ten pages of this tome takes me about 30 minutes.  Yet, I am unwilling to put it aside.  It would be better in e-book because this thing is HEAVY!  I sat down with LD on Saturday and knowing that he was going to fall asleep on me, I put my book within reach.  Fun fact:  It is extremely difficult to hold an 800 page hardcover and a napping baby.  When I finally gave in and carefully put Mr. Crankster down, Midget was sure that it was lap time.  We had to compromise.

I am still ridiculously enjoying my Fear Street reading.  I am enjoying it so much that I would really like to keep going.  I have 1.5 books left in this stack and then a couple of other books to read and then maybe I’ll order more.  I’ve never gotten around to the subseries and I totally want to read the Cheerleaders.  Prom Queen is great so far, like Mean Girls with blood.

Thursday I decided that I was sick of being so out of shape and I need to do something about it so I can start to feel better.  I decided to do the Walk Away the Pounds program again, which I’ve had success with before and which is easy to get started on and stick to.  I downloaded the audio and listened to it in two days but bought the ebook in the end so I could have the actual written plan in front of me.  I kind of feel like I wasted $10 but whatever.  I want to be healthier and slimmer and stronger and more energized.  I know that my body is the place to start.

I’ve been on the spiral of wanting to put everything in my face lately.  The Wharton bio has me wanting to read her and I also want Hemmingway and Fitzgerald and Joe Meno.  (One of these things is not like the other but I love them all….)  Plus King and Stine!  Ah!  Maybe if I actually made a point to read, I could read more.

Graphic Friday- Psychic Academy by Katsu Aki

As I continue my discovery of the graphic novel connection, I want to take a minute to be real here.  I would not call myself a fan of manga.  I like graphic novels and comic books but the backward reading always drove me nuts.  Only, not really.  What I have learned through the years is that a good story is readable in any format.  When I was looking through books I’ve read in the past decade, there were some manga series that stuck out.  I liked R.O.D. and Hellsing, Princess Ai and Monster.  I know that it is possible for me to like good stories in this format.

But let’s be real here.  This is kind of a shit story.  It’s very… flat.  I know that I only read the first volume but there was nothing in that first volume that makes me want to continue.  Some of it even actively bothered me.

Like, cool, your two female characters are smoking hot and both into the main character and you have your typical love triangle where one girl has known him forever and the other is edgy and perfect for him or whatever.  BUT I do not think that I have ever seen so much accidental boob grabbing in my life.  The first time it happened I was surprised enough to send a picture of the frame to my husband with a chuckle.  Around the third time it happened I was rolling my eyes.  There is a lot of sexy for sales sake going on here, I think.  None of the sexiness makes any sense for the story.  And, for the love of God, why do their gym suits have nipples??!??

Suffice to say that I won’t be continuing this series.  In fact, I considered removing it from the collection so that I could replace it with something better but it appears to still check out.  This one was not even laughably bad in my opinion, just irritating.

Podcast Tuesday

Podcasts: 1250

I updated my iOS last week.  It was stupid.

Why?  A coworker told me that she didn’t think there was much different about it but the things that are different are actually things that I use.  Like, why is it that when I slide up on my lock screen to turn my phone on to DND or use the flashlight there are five million (exaggeration) buttons?  And why the hell is the podcast app all messed up?  Instead of a list, there are huge icons.  If I want to get to my list in the order I had it (very important to me) I have to go to “library” and then “shows” and I had to turn it to manual order. AND I don’t know how many GB my podcasts are taking up now.  It’s bull shit.

Obviously, I’m still playing catch-up with my podcasts.  I am working on it and I get a little further all of the time.  I only have 14 episodes of On Being left, and that ought to count for something.

I miss podcasts and I just don’t feel like I’ve had a lot of time to listen to them lately.  I’ve been talking to my mother or my baby.  I’ve been, well, I don’t know what I’ve been doing.  But I have more time to catch up!

Great story on the Moth about writing speeches for Obama that had me laughing this week.

Lots of great book suggestions on All the Books.

Plus the suggestion that Garth Brooks’s biography be called “Pillars of the Garth,” which definitely had me laughing!

The Knife by R.L. Stine

This is one of the Fear Street books that I definitely read as a child.  I’m not sure if I owned it or borrowed it from the library.  I have never been a big fan of hospital related stuff so I’m actually really surprised that I remember some of this one.  A+ for great horror and drama!

Laurie has always wanted to be a doctor but her aunt Hillary, who raised her, worried that she might get bored.  Laurie decides to spend her summer volunteering at the local hospital with her best friend, Skye.  Skye is a bit boy crazy and always has multiple dates lined up but she sure wouldn’t mind getting her hands on Laurie’s boyfriend if he were available!  It seems like a great start to the summer.  Laurie loves to volunteer, especially on the children’s floor, and soon she meets a cute med student, Rick, who is volunteering too.  But something isn’t right.  There’s a little boy whose records disappear when he leaves the hospital and while Laurie is trying to figure out why the boy seemed so sad and scared, she sees Rick follow a nurse into the new wing that’s under construction.  When she follows them, she discovers that the nurse has been stabbed but nobody will believe her!  What is wrong with the little boy and how is it tied to the murdered nurse and what is Rick up to?

I do just love these books.  I always describe them as being cheesy horror but they really aren’t.  They’re classic.

Tally Monday- October 9, 2017

Checked Out

  1. Psychic Academy by Katsu Aki
  2. Dear Sisters by Rosalyn Baxandall
  3. Ghost Hunters by Ed and Lorraine Warren
  4. Edith Wharton by Hermione Lee
  5. The Complete Phonogram by Kieron Gillen


  1. Anne of Ingleside by L.M. Montgomery


  1. Landscape with Invisible Hand by M.T. Anderson
  2. Dirt Under My Nails by Marilee Foster

Currently Reading The Knife by R.L. Stine, Edith Wharton by Hermione Lee

Here at work, we are having a staff in-service day and it’s not as tightly scheduled as in previous years.  The result is that I mostly want to read.  No surprise there, really.  I always want to read except when I actually have time to read.

I am going through one of those phases where I am so worn out at night that I just want to sit and listen to the TV and color but during the day I itch to read.  I need to remind myself, again, that reading takes just as little effort as television.  And, you know, most of the time I don’t even care about what we are watching!

Started the 800+ page biography of Edith Wharton the other day after deciding that Dear Sisters seemed “too dense” for me.  No regrets, though.  I’ve been meaning to read these books for over a decade and sometimes that means that I’m no longer interested in things.  On page 2 of the biography, I was like, “I can’t do this.”  By page 10 I had changed my mind.

There are so many books and so little time.  I have bemoaned this many times before and I imagine that I will keep on bemoaning it.  But I’d also hate to live in a world where I ran out of books to read.

Graphic Friday: Archie, vol 4 by Mark Waid

It is no secret that I am in love with the new Archie, sometimes called “hot Archie.”  When the newest in the series lands on my desk, I have been known to squeal and hug it.  This updated comic has branched out into other things, too.  I love CW’s Riverdale, though I am watching on Netflix so don’t ruin the second season for me!  The revamp of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is also pretty great.  I even saw an Archie Diegest the other day that was a special Riverdale edition that I did not buy and have been beating myself up about ever since.

This new volume is more serious than the last and it was a roller coaster ride for me.

Now that Veronica has returned to Riverdale, her relationship with Archie is strained.  Veronica has matured slightly, at least on the surface, and she’s starting to talk like the future heir of her father’s billions while Archie is the same old Archie.  Things already shaky between them, Archie is worried about Veronica finding out that he could be cut from the football team so when Reggie threatens to tell her if Archie doesn’t drag race him in Betty and his newly restored 1969 Mustang Mach 1 Cobra, Archie feels trapped.  He takes off in the car without telling Betty where he is going but when she finds out there are dire consequences.

Even though this was a much more serious run than the previous volumes, it was still loads of fun.  Plus, cliffhanger!  I can’t wait to see what happens next.  (Also, so much fun to read the car stuff out loud to my husband. Ha ha.)