May Wrap Up

Did you know that I love baked potatoes?  Specifically, I love the baked potatoes at the grocery store down the street.  They are like magic in my toes.

And that, my dears, sums up May for me.  My challenge this month was to blog every day.  I made it 25 out of 31 days.  That’s 80%.  I believe I am coming in at about a C+ because more than one of those entries was very “This counts as a blog.”  I feel like I have gotten into the habit pretty well though and that’s what counts.  We went for quantity, now let’s focus on some quality.

In case you don’t remember, June is “bust my ass to fit into my bridal gown month.”  Yes, the wedding is a whopping 99 days away but the fitting is only like 37 days away.  June is my last ditch effort to get on track and lose that weight.  I like to call it Matt weight.  He cooks and drinks great beer.

June Challenges:
1. Follow Weight Watchers strictly.
2. Accomplish the 100 workout and the push up challenge, while still keeping up with my cardio.
3. Begin the 52 week savings challenge.  (I’m doing that right now with the single that’s in my wallet!)



Five Things I’ve Learned on Staycation

1.  The week after Memorial Day is apparently Michigan Storm Week.  I recall having that conversation with Matt last year when he stayed home and I went to New England for the week.  He called a few times and told me it stormed but mostly he was busy listening to the baseball games really loudly and throwing stuff.  This week we have had storm after storm after storm.  Actual tornadoes, even!  A professor once told me that Michigan is one of the top tornado states but I didn’t believe him because we don’t get the big ones.  There have been big ones, one that destroyed Metamora and one that destroyed Beecher.  They seemed pretty big this week too.  I have never seen a tornado.  I’d like to someday, across a field and nowhere near my stuff.

2.  When the electricity goes out, so does my internet.  Actually, the storms on Tuesday night knocked out my internet for about 15 hours.  I was only away for about 9 of them but trust me that’s enough.  I used to have Verizon broadband card so I played online even without electricity.  Now I cannot. In fact, it kept coming on just long enough for me to think that I was going to farm yesterday only go down when the game was nearly loaded.  This is part of the reason I am writing right now.  There’s some thunder and I can hear the emergency broadcast signal from the neighbors’ house and I’m afraid I won’t have power.  My phone is also on the charger just in case.  (Don’t worry about my safety.  I plan to drink in the basement and listen to Zeppelin on vinyl tonight.)

3.  I like being a hermit but not a hermit without a car.  My car has been in the shop since Tuesday.  Today I called my mom and had her take me out to lunch because apparently I never actually stay home.  I wanted a potato from the store yesterday.  Nope.  I wanted ice cream last night.  Nope.  I wanted ice cream today.  Nope.  When I get my car back (maybe sometime) I will not want any of those things.  I want them simply because I cannot have them.

4.  I am the patient one in the relationship.  Matt is very concerned about when my car will be done and he pesters me and pesters me.  Hopefully it will be done tomorrow and I can make my mom or brother drive me into town just in time to meet Matt and get groceries.  This is driving him nuts.  I am saving gas.  There’s always a silver lining, you know.

5. I do indeed expect too much from myself in a regular day.  I expect to: read 50 pages, write 500 words, diet, drink water, work out twice, do a crossword, clean, and handle finances on a regular work day.  I have been trying to catch up today, figuring that it was just stuff I let go.  No.  I expect too much of myself and it is no wonder that I don’t really enjoy much right now.  This also explains my general drunkenness. That’s the only time I let myself let go.

Sigh.  The fiance should have been home about a half an hour ago.  I think he is punishing me for not seeing the whole car thing his way. lol

Vacation Continues

I still haven’t decided what to do with the rest of my time off.

Yesterday I went thrifting with Mom as an early birthday present.  I got a lot of great stuff and we dropped my car off at the dealership for some repairs in the morning, both things I desperately needed.  We ate Mexican food and Mom bought me my dress for the bridal shower.  She dropped me off at Matt’s work and we went for coffee with some friends then headed home to eat Jimmy Johns and drink PBR.  We got a big storm last night, tornado warnings and all.

Today I did nothing.

That’s not true.  I’ve read 100 pages and napped and went for a walk and fooled around on the internet.  I just decided that maybe I should fold the laundry I finished washing yesterday.

I want to do something.  I want my vacation to be both relaxing and useful.  But I know myself and I know that those things do not go together in my mind.  Either I am going to do it all or I am going to do nothing.

Maybe I’ll do something tomorrow.

What Really Happens on Vacation

Currently, I can take a week off about every 2.5 months.  That means that I get to take a lot of vacations.  It doesn’t really work out like that, of course.  I have a job where I can only take time off at certain times and it is even frowned upon for me to be sick during most of the school year and most of summer.  I DO, however, get to take more vacations that I can afford and so I have adopted the Staycation as my own.

The first couple of Staycations I took were great.  I always use one day to go out with my mom.  I read a lot.  I sleep in.  I let myself watch TV a little more and stay up a little later and take naps.  Then, sometime last year, I decided that I would use my Staycation to spring clean.  That is also great!  I mean, the way I spring clean is that I break down the house into rooms and then list when needs to be done, start to finish, to get that room clean.  Every time I cross something off the list I get to take a break and read!  It’s great for the house, great for my reading.  So, I did that in the spring and once in the fall and then I tried to do it in March…

March, I think, could be where it started to go awry.  At the time it was still wintery and I was still feeling pretty gross about that.  I was starting to get frustrated with the lack of snow days at work.  My previous boss closed maybe a little more than necessary, not that I’m complaining, and my new boss thinks that we should just go ahead a drive through a blizzard to help the two people who may be there.  I don’t mind driving in but I sure do think that we all need snow days.  IN fact, I think that once a year the president should randomly announce a snow day for the whole country and everyone should be required to stop work and curl up on the couch with hot chocolate.  We also need a National BBQ Day, after all the Memorial Memes I saw this weekend.

Anyway, in March I was feeling down and also stressed.  I pushed myself to work on the spring cleaning but what ended up actually happening was drunkeness.  I would “clean all day and get nowhere” and be so frustrated that I spent most of the week devouring ungodly amounts of food and alcohol.  By the time I went back to work I felt like I was as big as a house and permanently hung over.  I had slept so much during the week I was off that I could barely make it through the day without almost passing out and knocking my head on the desk.

When I started thinking about this week last week, I started making goals for myself.  I was going to finally catch up.  I was going to actually get ahead.  I was even going to spring clean!  Then it all started to fade away.  First, I told myself that I could not expect myself to do stuff while out of state.  Totally understandable.  I am not going to come home from vacation and make myself do three days worth of stuff for while I was gone.  Then I started to think about how nice it would be to just relax for a week.  Sit on the couch and read and just take it all in.

Now I basically want to be a hermit.


I’ve had such a good time down here.

You know, the great thing about the Bestie and her family is that I am comfortable with them.  All of the social worries caused by my general awkwardness is not such a big deal with them.  They know me well enough that I can just chill out and be myself and not worry that I am going to embarrass myself or say something uncouth and lose a friend.  They are going to laugh and do the same.  It’s so nice to just hand out, have some beers, go on a miniadventure.  This weekend we explored the Air Force museum and Trader’s World.  Even Matt seems to have had a good time.

We’re heading home today.  I’m looking forward to seeing my cats and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my week off doing a whole lot of nothing.

June Challenges

I know that I have some time before next month but I have had some time to think about challenges in the past couple of day and wanted to set the groundwork for next month.  (So far, I’m giving myself a B for this month.  Missed some days.  Wrote complete crap on other days.  Still, not a bad start.)

In early July I have my first bridal gown fitting and I have handled losing weight for the wedding the same way that I always handle losing weight.  I say I’m trying but I’m not really.  So I will be doing some weight loss challenges in June.  One month.  I just need to commit myself to one month.

1. Weight Watchers-  Well, I’ve done it for three weeks and managed to lose 2 lbs without really doing my best.  I want to continue doing Weight Watchers while focusing on eating a lower fat diet and some more real foods in.   I use this blog.

2. Work Outs- There is a work out I have been trying to do forever on Pinterest.  I am going to smash it.  I am also going to do a push up challenge because my dress is strapless.

100s pushupchallenge

3. I am starting a year long challenge in June.  I am starting a 52 week Savings Challenge.  Week one I will be putting away $1.  Weed two I will put away $2.  Etc.  By the end of the 52 weeks, I should have $1378.

Let’s Talk About Lists

Lists are curious things.  I cannot get enough of them.  Lists of things I need to do, things I need to buy, books I need to read, movies I need to watch, music I need to listen to.

But sometimes I will read a list about books I need to read instead of reading the book.

But that’s life.

In other news, me and the fiance are in Ohio for the weekend, visiting The Bestie, The Hubby, and The Kid.  It’s good to be with family. 😉