My first drunken post!!

So, I waited for it to be Sunday even though technically, in Rachael world, it is still Saturday.  I haven’t gone to sleep.  It’s not a new day.  My Weight Watchers points have not reset.

What am I doing with my Saturday?  Well, Matthew and I scored Physical Graffiti by Led Zeppelin (if you didn’t know) on vinyl FINALLY and bought happy good time drinks and then he went to sleep.  Hours ago.  So, I’ve been up drinking my Strongbow for a couple of hours and taking shots every time I use the bathroom as a single person drinking game and watching Jenna Marbles and playing Facebook games.  Kind of a waste of a Saturday night.  I got all excited because I heard some movements upstairs and I have videos for the man to watch but I think he just went back to sleep.  Bummer.  Actually, my drinking game was more of a way to stomp around passive aggressively in hopes of waking someone to hang out with me.  I can’t listen to Physical Graffiti without him because we’ve been looking for it for so long so I listened to some Alice Cooper.  (Welcome to My Nightmare: Including Cold Ethyl, a song about necrophilia that my car is named after.  Don’t ask.  I’m not a freak.)  Anyway, I’ve just done really little shots because, in all honestly, burping whiskey is like burping puke and that is gross.  Did you know Faulkner spells is “whisky”?  The English language is amazing.

(You know, the man has improved my life so much.  We have a record player now.  That alone is worth a gazillion points.)

The Janna Marbles I just watched was about what she is awesome at and she encourages you to make your own list.  I do literature.  That’s about it.  I just looked up T.S. Eliot poems and he’s not even my favorite.  I mean, I guess I do other things awesomely, like falling asleep on the couch when I have my blanket on or breakfast foods.  Maybe a bit of loving people.  (I love people.  Are you one of my people?  I love you.  Even though you are most likely pissing me off.)  I’m awesome with kids.  Probably because we share the same mentality.  I talk to myself pretty well.  Man, I’m lonely. lol.

My question for you tonight is what do you do well?

I’m going to add “Blogging while tipsy.”  This went way better than I expected even though I had a point at the start that I never got to…  Really, that’s normal and not cider induced.


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