June Challenges

I know that I have some time before next month but I have had some time to think about challenges in the past couple of day and wanted to set the groundwork for next month.  (So far, I’m giving myself a B for this month.  Missed some days.  Wrote complete crap on other days.  Still, not a bad start.)

In early July I have my first bridal gown fitting and I have handled losing weight for the wedding the same way that I always handle losing weight.  I say I’m trying but I’m not really.  So I will be doing some weight loss challenges in June.  One month.  I just need to commit myself to one month.

1. Weight Watchers-  Well, I’ve done it for three weeks and managed to lose 2 lbs without really doing my best.  I want to continue doing Weight Watchers while focusing on eating a lower fat diet and some more real foods in.   I use this blog.

2. Work Outs- There is a work out I have been trying to do forever on Pinterest.  I am going to smash it.  I am also going to do a push up challenge because my dress is strapless.

100s pushupchallenge

3. I am starting a year long challenge in June.  I am starting a 52 week Savings Challenge.  Week one I will be putting away $1.  Weed two I will put away $2.  Etc.  By the end of the 52 weeks, I should have $1378.


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