Book Review- Beautiful Redemption by Kami Garcia

I always have a hard time with series. There’s this fine line. Part of the time I feel like the author is searching and stretching, trying to make the books longer than they need to be. Other times I feel like I am on a journey with old friends. You get to know the characters in a way that you just can’t with a stand alone.

I am so glad that I made time for this series. The world that I have lived in off and on for the past two months has been glorious. It makes me want to do nothing more than sit on the front porch devouring books and drinking sweet tea.

If you recall, when we left Ethan last he was dead. Or, at least, we assumed he was dead because he jumped off of a water tower. When we pick up this book we see that he is, indeed, dead. At least he is with his mother in a house much like Wate’s Landing but located in the cemetery. (Honestly, the use of the cemetery was one of my favorite bits.) We get to see Aunt Prue again, who is one of my favorites. But there is sadness and confusion too because everyone knows that Ethan is not supposed to be dead.

When Ethan learns that one of the keepers on the council has been changing the Caster Chronicles, he sets off on a quest to save his own life. All he knows is that he must find a way to change his page in the book and get back to Lena. A whole new cast of characters come to us. We get to meet the Greats, who sit on the porch playing cards and eating pie. We meet the River Master and Xavier. All of these characters are endearing to us. Ethan is a gentleman and his heart is true and it always seems to bring him out on top with other… beings.

I did love this series. I loved it a lot and I suggest it to people every chance I get. The best part is that the ending fits and we all know that’s important.


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