Vlogbrothers Survey

Recently, I started watching the vlogbrothers (Hank and John Green) on youtube.  Now, because I am neurotic, I couldn’t just start watching.  I had to start at the BEGINNING which is totally like 2007.  I put off starting mostly because somebody told me that I needed to watch the Nerd Fighters vlogs when she saw me reading a John Green book years ago and references the videos all of the time because she thinks I’m watching them.  It’s actually amusing for me.  My charade has lasted a couple of years.  However, one night I was drinking alone because someone fell asleep and I decided to watch them.

Any ol’ way, early in the vlog we find out that Hank Green sends a survey to friends every year in January and I decided that I want to do it tonight as my post.  (I think mostly because I miss the email and Myspace surveys of yore.)  Ready?

1. Your name:
Rachael, spelled like Michael

2. Your Web page:


3 What have you been up to this past year (please be as detailed as possible, because we actually want to know)?

Oh, goodness.  Well… A year ago we went to a family cookout even though it was 104 out and all of the guys in my family made the fiance (who was the boyfriend then) grill because he was the new guy.  Then I had a panic attack and decided we needed to go somewhere cooler and booked a trip to upper Michigan.  We went to 2 national forests, 3 Great Lakes, and 4 breweries.  It was a golden time.  At home, I worked.  I did some story times.  Um, in October, the fiance proposed to me quite romantically after we drank a fifth of disgusting whiskey with an amulet he had made because he couldn’t find his grandfather’s ring.  That day my cousin Erin, who I was raised with, got married and I had a hand sized bruise on my butt because I slipped on the stairs on the deck in flipflops while trying to save a cat that escaped the night before but was already back in the house.  IN December we had the Christmas from hell, four in two days, three of them on Christmas.  New Years we had an actual New Years party.  In January I decided I was fat and went on a diet.  Same for the following five months.  I started the blog in May.  I also went to visit my best friend in Ohio in May.  In June I gave up dieting for good and have neither gained nor lost weight since.  There’s been some wedding planning and stress and reading.  This year pales in comparison with what next year is going to be like.  It’s horrifying.

4 How much longer do you think you’ll be doing what you’re doing?
Until I win the lottery or actually write something decent enough to be published.

5 Why are you doing it?
I kind of fell into it.  When I was 16 I took my first job at the library and I have been promoted pretty steadily ever since.  When I was just out of high school I was recruited to work Summer Reading and spent tons of time with kids and discovered that I kind of liked them.  (One little girl asked me why I wore a dog collar and she became my favorite.)  I started going to Baker for a secondary ed degree, English and Social Studies, mostly because my high school counselor told me I wanted to be a teacher.  I went through this horrible mortality thing and decided only to do the things that made me happy so I transferred to U of M Flint to major in English with a specialization in writing and a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies.  Then my college adviser messed up and I ended up with a straight English degree because it would take three more semesters to get my required WGS classes.  After graduating, my ex-fiance convinced me to Do Something Else.  Luck me, Wayne State started their online Library and Information Sciences program in the fall and I started there.  I specialized in Public Services for Children and YA.  In the meantime, I had been promoted form a page to a clerk.  While working on my degree, they promoted me to Branch Storytime Leader.  Then a position opened up in a small branch the director at the time wrote the job description specifically for me and CHEERED when I submitted my resume because the assistant director had told her they “had someone getting a degree that they didn’t want to lose.” Now I am full time and do the story times and run a branch full of kids and it really is the best job that i could ask for, even if it doesn’t challenge me enough.  I play with glitter, read picture books, and get to tell kids a lot of stuff that I wouldn’t if I were a teacher.  I love my kids and it is very rewarding.  The first time my nonreader came to me and told me that she wanted to be a writer, I almost shit my pants.  Basically, I love books and I think stories are the essence of all the world and I like kids soooooo much more than adults.

6 What do you want to be doing?

I want to be living in an old farmhouse that I’m restoring (a specific one, 3500 sq ft with a ballroom, that I have loved since I was 9 and looked at when I was house shopping and has original doors and woodwork and two staircases and a picture of its former glory over the fireplace), writing, growing my own food, buying local meat, reading, raising kids, polishing floors, and spending summers at my summer home on Lake Huron or in the U.P.

7 What’s next in your life?
I’m getting married.  And becoming Mrs. Quinn instead of Miss Rachael.  That seems like enough for now.  I may join a CSA next year.

8 How You Doin’?
Better this week than last week.  Maybe it’s the wine or the time up north.

9 What’s the best book you read this year?
So far… I don’t know.  I finished the Dark Tower series by Stephen King and that was rewarding.  American Gods by Neil Gaiman was good.  Usually I just think that whatever I am currently reading is THE BEST BOOK EVER, so I guess Emma by Jane Austen. lol

10 Describe a perfect day?
I get to sleep in, then I work out.  We drive to the coast.  I get to eat something delicious and read a lot.  Then we drink some beers, something really good that probably cost a lot, and we play Trivial Pursuit.  The rest is TMI.

11 Assuming that all things come to an end…how do you think humans will go extinct?
I don’t think we go extinct.  I think that society fails and we start over, like the Atlantians and the Egyptians.  Maybe we destroy ourselves with technology.  I guess I really think it will be like Idiocracy, where only dumb people reproduce because us smart people are too busy planning and then we starve because we try to water the plants with Monster.  Electrolytes are good.

12 How are you feeling about kids these days?
I want them desperately but I am also afraid that I will die while giving birth, just like in A Farewell to Arms, or that I will have developmentally disabled kids and I don’t know how I’d handle that.  I mean, the fiances is way smarter than me and I am way smarter than a lot of the people I meet.  Wow.  I’m a jerk.

13 (- In this space, compose your own question, and answer it -) If you could have one person as a grandparent, who would it be and why?
Papa Hemingway.  Because he was the shit and he could teach me how to write.

14 Ambrozzo tastes better than anything else, what does ambrozzo taste like?
The ranch dressing of the gods.

15 If you were a cliché, what cliché would you be?

A librarian.  Oh shit.  I am.

16 What is your least favorite part of any given day?

The part where I realize that I am not taking a nap and it is totally nap time.  Also, when I leave the house and the cats all suddenly like me.

17 Do you enjoy science fiction?
No.  Sometimes.  I mean, I liked Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe.  But we watched Dune last night and it made me want to blow my brains out.  However, I also decided that I should totally write a SciFi for NaNoWriMo.  I remember buying a SciFi book at a Barnes & Noble when I was like 12 because it was on sale and I had to buy something because we didn’t HAVE a Barnes & Noble and the first thing that happened was a weird machine-human sex thing and I was disgusted, yes at 12, by the sexism.  I never finished reading it.

18 Cheese or Chocolate?
Cheese.  A million times over.  We used to buy vats of cheese for parties and devour it all.

19 Where would you live if you could live anywhere?
I love Michigan.  After here, I would go with Savannah, GA.

20 What was your first concert?
It’s embarrassing.  Creed, Our Lady Peace, and Oleander.  I went for Our Lady Peace and Oleander with a mom and daughter who totally went for Creed.  Can you take me higher?  No.  But I do confess that talking is just masturbating without the mess.

21 If you could start a business that would be instantly successful, what kind of business would it be?

22 Invisibility or Time Travel?
Invisibility.  100%.

23 What’s wrong with the world?
People still don’t understand that all you need is love.


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