Homemade Floor Cleaner

I pinned this on Pinterest a while ago but this morning I actually did it.

If you know me in the real world, you have probably heard me bitch ceaselessly about my entryway tile.  It’s lovely tile.  Or, at least, it was lovely tile.  It does not belong in an entryway, especially if you are the type of people who have a German shepherd that comes in and puts its big muddy paws on walls.  (Seriously.  When I moved in there was a paw print of mud on a wall and there were clumps of German shepherd hair so thick that we thought we had mold.)  What I’m saying about this tile is that it’s fucking dirty and it drives me nuts.  It has all these little pockets that just collect dirt and, again, drive me nuts.

So, today I took initiative.  I went to my Pinterest and I whipped up an imprecise batch of this cleaner in a spray bottle.  Water, vinegar, baking soda, and lemon.  DON’T SHAKE IT.  My spray bottle almost exploded when I did that.  The directions are to spray it on and leave it for an hour but I just sprayed and scrubbed.  Oh, it’s touted as a grout cleaner but I just went for it.  The dirt that came off those tiles was magnificent!  It may not be perfect but never let the perfect get in the way of the  good.

Now go clean shit!


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