Mornings, Tea, Cats, and Energy

Well, I’m on to my next set of Energy, Happiness, and Zen strategies, with an aside.

Energy:  The next tip in my plethora of articles is to drink more tea.  I love tea.  Pretty much all that I drink is water, tea, coffee, and beer.  Call me a purist.  In a usual day I drink two cups of coffee, eight cups of water, and two cups of decaf green tea at night.  I didn’t really know how I would work this into the Energy Experiment because I had just altered my coffee intake but, come to find out, I didn’t HAVE to work it in.  I got sick and when I’m sick I usually forfeit my coffee for tea.  I don’t know if it has helped.  I’m tired because I’m sick.  I can tell you that it feels better on my throat and it’s been comforting at night.

Happiness:  Life’s next little instruction was to have a dog.  I’m forgoing this one because I have cats.  4.  And they do bring me vast amounts of happiness and so I am sure that four cats must be the equivalent of one dog.  One thing I would like to do is take a little more time to entertain them and even try a little harder not to get annoyed with them.  Some goals for this week, I think.

Zen: Get Healthy and Fit, Part 1 is on my browser right now and it is about eating better.  I’m glad I get to tackle this now.  I’ve been feeling a bit… fat.  I am already making a point to cook more, now I need to focus on better stuff.

I was feeling a bit better after taking on my first set.  My e-mail is clear.  I’ve enjoyed drinking coffee on my way back from lunch (once even with the top down and from a mug).  I was feeling a bit nicer.  Let’s see what happens with this set.

Now, for an aside that is perfectly related to the above.  This morning I found myself asking myself, yet again, what the problem is.  Why why why have I felt so miserable and hopeless and angry lately?  Why is it that I refuse to count my blessings?  Almost on cue, I realized that I had started the day in a damn decent mood but by the time I was on my way to work I felt completely frazzled and frustrated.  I thought that it was probably just because I slept in this morning in an attempt to outwit my cold but then I remembered I FEEL THAT WAY EVERY MORNING LATELY.  For the remainder of this week, I am going to take steps to make my mornings more relaxing.  Even if I’m not working out (I have pleurisy and the husband has forbade it), I can get up early and either take my time getting ready or clean up a little bit.  I also plan on getting back into the habit of making my coffee and cleaning up the kitchen at night so that I don’t have a mess to work around before I am caffeinated.  Another thing that got me worked up this morning was the cats.  Otto, the baby, is still in his “beat up the other cats” phase.  For a while I was using a spray bottle on him and it helped.  Today it was never in my reach when I needed it.  If carrying it around the house is what it takes, I will do it.

Let’s get back on track.  Let’s feel better and be happier.


One thought on “Mornings, Tea, Cats, and Energy

  1. “I am sure that four cats must be the equivalent of one dog.” I am sure you are right! Illness just takes the fun out of everything. Get well and feel better. Good luck with your happiness project. I am working on one of my own.

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