Let’s Talk About Horror Movies

It’s fall and everyone knows that it’s time to watch horror movies.  I’m fond of a few horror movies.  I once went on a first date that included seeing The Exorcist when it was rereleased.  When I was a teenager I loved horror and I really do think that’s a teenager thing.  My ex accused me once of “leading him on” by “pretending to like horror” when I obviously didn’t.

I did.  But I’m picky.

What happened?  First, I started having nightmares.  Frequently.  I realized that the world was a hard enough place and that I didn’t want to feel even worse about it.  I put horror aside for a number of years.  Honestly, this is the first time I’ve wanted to watch horror in a long time  and that’s mostly because I rediscovered what it’s like to feel the rush of safe fear.

There’s still something wrong with horror though, something that will make me turn off any movie the moment it happens.

Do you remember slasher flicks?  Friday the 13th is one of my all time favorites.  Slasher films objectify women and I know that it’s horrible but it’s done so poorly that it’s funny.  My problem is that new horror seems to have a thing with more than that.  Blatant rape scenes.  Snuff films.  Violence specifically at women treated without an ounce of conscience, sometimes treated with actual amusement.  I once had someone tell me that his favorite scene in a specific horror was the one where a girl was raped with a gun.

I don’t think that we need these things to scare people.  We did just fine without it for years.


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