It’s kind of like Sleeping Beauty…

Yesterday an old friend (the one I’ve talked about that owes me a lot of money) had a baby.  Congrats to him, for sure, even though I of course have my reservations.  (Mostly because he still owes me $5500.)

When he texted me last night to tell me that he would have his payment out this week, that things had gotten crazy, I replied with a simple, “I saw!  Congrats!”  This is much nicer than I have been lately, believe it or not.  It’s hard for me to be mean to people but, honestly, I’ve had to do it this time and I was pleased with the results.  In reply, my friend sent me a picture of his girl.  I gave the most heartfelt blessing I could.

“I hope your daughter grows up to be a beautiful, smart, self actualized woman.”

The reply I got was “thanks”.

Is this a cultural thing?  Does my friend’s religion frown on beautiful, smart, self actualized women?  (I think it does. But what do I know?)  Isn’t this really one of the best things that you can wish on a child?

My question is, what do you wish for newborns?  What blessings do you bestow?  In that moment I felt like I had gone from being the three fairy godmothers in Sleeping Beauty to being the wicked witch.


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