Confessions of a Part-Time Sorceress by Shelly Mazzanoble

A little background here: Apparently, sometime around the holidays, I got a little drunk with my friends one night and agreed to play Dungeons & Dragons with them.  Hubby is, well, he’s a nerd and he was extremely excited by this prospect.  For a couple of weeks, and I’m not trying to play into any stereotypes here whatsoever, he spent hours of every day in the basement, planning the game.  I mostly cringed but didn’t have the guts to back out because it made him sooooo happy.  One night I sat through the whole boring process of rolling out my character, feeling more and more pissed off that we were talking about playing a game and not actually playing a game, feeling my buzz fade a little more each minute.  Then I remembered seeing one of Mazzanoble’s books and decided to order this book through the library and give it a try.  I was, after all, most likely stuck.

The end result:  I want to try D&D now but not at all because of this book.

Mazzanoble confesses in the first chapter that she is the girliest of girls.  I should have turned around right there.  I am girly challenged.  However, I read on, not expecting vapid side conversations about accessorizing and pedicures on every single page.  Sometimes Mazzanoble managed to be funny but for the most part her tone just grated on me.   A number of times I read sections out loud to my husband and we’d both go, “Really!?”

That being said, if you are a girl who is considering taking on the game this is a great starter book.  Maybe you think that it really does matter who designed your spell pouch.  Maybe you really do have the time and money for a weekly mani/pedi.  Maybe you will find a kindred spirit.  However, if you are not that kind of girl there is still value here.  You can scan over the girly bits and take in the basic information about the game easily.

I’m undecided on this one.  It did make me laugh a few times and I’m glad I didn’t have to read the 410 page Dummies book.  However, it is taking all of my strength and self control not to explode into a feminist rant.


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