The Story of My House

I bought my house, oh, I don’t know, a little over four years ago.  I got it for a steal, like under 50k, can’t pay less than this to rent.  The problem is that it is kind of… messed up.

See, a couple of years before I bought the house, literally a couple because I have the date on some paperwork somewhere around here, a guy bought this house as an “investment property.”  He lived here for a couple of months while he “renovated” it and then he leased it on a rent to own contract.  The people who were renting to own just happened to be a girl I graduated with and her family.  The guy who owned the house, however, lost it and the family had to move.  These are all things I’ve gotten from the neighbors and a little from the girl.

Now, first off, the guy who owned the house really had no idea what he was doing.  There are things in this house that are just jacked up.  Like in the basement, which is finished, there is a room for laundry and utilities except that he took the slop sink out and the only way to drain the washer in into the main sewage line.  There is also a drain that runs via hose across the whole back wall of the basement to the side door.  In the small bricked in entry to that side door there is evidence of drainage past.  If we put the slop sink back in there wouldn’t be enough room for a washer and dryer.  It’s ridiculous.

But we’ve made due.

Still, sometimes I come across things in this house that just make me shake me head.  Like just now when I was cleaning the linen closet and discovered that one of the shelves is actually barely being held up but some randomly placed screws.  It’s just that kind of thing that makes me want to scream.


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