My Top Vacations

I had a couple of posts that I started for tonight but none of them felt right.  I don’t know.  One of those days, I guess.  I’m super excited that I might be able to finish the book I’m reading and review it for you all later tonight or tomorrow but for now that book I read got me thinking about vacations.  I wanted to share some of my favorites with you.  They are not the ones you’d expect.  Disney when I was 10 doesn’t factor in and neither does Vegas for the rockabilly festival.  Really, that doesn’t mean much.

4. New England (Honorable Mention)

I actually really loved New England.  It’s weird because I went to visit The Bestie while she was living out there and at the time a lot of things annoyed me about the area.  Things were pricey and we spent a lot of time driving to Rhode Island to buy booze because the laws in CT were super confusing for some Michigan folk and other places were just so touristy.  Like, I finally finally got to go to Salem and it was a huge let down.  Mark Twain’s house was super cool.  I loved the beach.  We had good food and great times.  Mostly it was just great getting to spend time with my favorite family (that I’m not actually related to or married into) in their new surroundings.  Now, a couple of years later, I have mostly glazed over the things that annoyed me and highlighted the great stuff like lobster rolls, which you can’t get ANYWHERE around here.  When it came time to list my favorite vacations, I could not leave this out.

3. Random Up North Trip

Two summers ago we were locked in a heat wave like no other and our AC was not working.  (Well, it was working but it was leaking all over the basement floor and wetting the carpet.)  I took the week of the Fourth off because I can and we went to my mother’s cook out even though it was like 105 out.  Poor Hubby got stuck grilling because he was “the new guy.”  At some point during the cookout, my parents’ power went out and we watched the temp inside slowly rise.  At home, we slept in the basement in Hubby’s old bachelor bed but in the middle of the night I had a panic attack and decided I was a microwaveable burrito being cooked from the inside.  Upstairs no breeze came through the windows and I contemplated sleeping out on the front yard except that there was lightening and I didn’t want to die.  The next day while Hubby was at work, I found us an effing hotel up north.

It was a great weekend.  We stayed in Gaylord and drove all over hell.  We hit 4 breweries, 3 great lakes, and 2 national forests.  We went to the Tahquamenon Falls and it was Hubby’s first time.  The weather was great.  The air conditioning was great.  All of the times we had were great.

2. The Honeymoon

I can’t help it.  I loved it.  We had so much fun.  We climbed a mountain.  We drank fresh beer.  We went to tourist traps.  We spent money because we could.  I love the Great Smokey Mountains and being there with the love of my life made it even better.  The top was down.  There were adventures to be had.  AND we got to spend some time with the Bestie’s family again!

1. Savannah

Many years ago now, I went with my ex’s family to Hilton Head Island where his aunt had a timeshare.  It wasn’t a bad trip but it wasn’t awesome, either.  We were fighting.  I was broke.  His family annoyed the piss out of me.  We were stuck on the pull out sofa in the living area even though he had gotten them free rooms on the way down.  (We stopped in the Smokies.  Ha!)  Worst of all, my favorite uncle passed away suddenly while I was down there.

Taking all of that into account, the one day that we spent in Savannah was the highlight of the trip, the summer, the year, my vacations.  I love Savannah.  It’s beautiful and has so much character that it is oozing with it.  I loved the cemetery.  I loved the trolly tour.  I loved the little restaurant where I had the best chicken salad croissant of my life.  I could have spent the whole vacation there.  The fact that my mother is going in the spring is killing me.  I want to see the things I missed and actually spend time.  I bet I’d have a great time there with my mom.  She wouldn’t think I was silly for walking around a cemetery.


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