I AM the Exception

It’s probably pretty obvious that I spend a lot of time thinking about losing weight and saving money.  Sometimes one or the other, mostly both.  One thing I’ve noticed lately is that I totally think of myself as the exception to the rules.

With dieting a lot the time these are viable exceptions.  If you look up top weight loss tips, you get a lot of stuff that I already do.  Never get too hungry?  No problem there!  Give up soda and sugary juices?  I only drink water, tea, and coffee in my daily life, black.  Don’t skip breakfast?  I wouldn’t dream it.  These are the kind of things that I have been working at for so long that they are second nature.  I diet.  I have dieted for nearly 16 years, over half of my life.

Then there are the money saving tips.  See, I lead a strange life.  I work strange hours.  I have strange needs (beer).  If I read an article on saving money and coupon clipping is hyped hardcore (“We couponed like mad couponing machines!”), there is a pretty big chance that I will scrap any ideas from the article all together.  I hate couponing and for the most part that’s because I am forgetful and I never learned how to make coupons wor for me.  With the app I downloaded a few weeks ago it is way easier.  Plus, I’ve been writing a list, going through it with my coupons, and putting applicable ones right in my wallet with my money.

It’s not just coupons, though.  Another tip that I hate is to buy in bulk.  I know that I can save a lot of money by doing so and sometimes I do.  Like, I send my in-laws to buy bulk pickles because the giant jar costs the exact same as the regular jars and I can fit it in my fridge.  We also have a bulk jar of jalapenos because they won’t go bad and I can keep them in the fridge.  When it comes to most other things, though, I just don’t have space.  I cannot buy more than six rolls of toilet paper or two rolls of paper towel because there is nowhere to store them so I definitely don’t have room for 50 lbs of beans, or whatever.

I think what I am getting at is that the thing about rules is that I consider them to be guidelines.  I try to point myself in a direction that is good for me.

P.S. Expect a Real Food post soon.  I know I haven’t updated this month’s challenge.


One thought on “I AM the Exception

  1. DEFINITELY agree that rules are just guidelines. You have to find what works FOR YOU. I like to shop almost on a daily basis, that way I get what I need and never have stuff going bad, or sitting on a shelf. Of course, this requires time. Whatever works for YOU, I say.

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