March HP Update- Happy at Home

The real trick to being happier at home could be one of two things.  First, it could managing to implement systems that make life easier at home and thus easier to enjoy.  The second option is to just say to hell with it and enjoy things as they are.

One of the things that I did this month in my search for a happier life was double up on my giant organization and cleaning project.  I am now doing two small things a day.  I’ve done the bedroom and the office, the linen closet and my sewing desk.  The going is slow but what I’ve done still looks pretty nice and maintaining it has been easier because I’ve actually been trying.  It feels good and I can’t wait to tackle some of my upcoming projects.

Some things I’ve meant to do this month and haven’t done yet: Light more candles, light more incense, do the dishes before bed, make myself stop working at some point to enjoy the evening without that nagging voice in the back of my head.

Look, when you buy your first house you don’t expect to be there forever and there are a lot of things that you forgive because of this.  I always intended to put in a sliding glass door and a back deck but that will probably never happen.  Other things happened first.  I needed a new roof.  I needed new appliances.  Life is kind of like that.  But the truth is that if we are always thinking about the things we want to do and haven’t gotten to or the things that are wrong (that damn dishwasher), we lose sight of the great things.  I love my house because I love being home.  I love being with my husband.  I love cuddling the cats.  I love being around my books.  I enjoy the comfort of my couch and the warmth of my bed.  And this is what a life is made of.


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