On Passions

I’ve talked before about Hubby and his hobby and how jealous I get of it.  I talked about it right here.

One thing that I have spent a lot of my year on is letting my freak flag fly.  I love books.  I love them.  I love to read them and write them and touch them and even read about them.  I’m sure that you’ve noticed the sway of this blog from “Let’s talk about everything!” to “Let’s talk about books and some other stuff.”  I am a very lucky woman.  My passion is something that can be inexpensive and AND I work in my field.  I’m a librarian.  I have access to books every single day.  I read about books as part of my job.  I can talk about books that I haven’t read with relative ease.  I can help people find books they will love.

Luck.  Or hard work?

I was just thinking about vacations.  For me, vacations have never actually been work free.  My parents own their own business and when I was growing up my father always had his cell phone or he answered phone calls at 3 AM in the office, which was right next to my room.  I understand that there are people that take vacations from work and actually take vacations from their work.  When your work is your passion, it’s not like that.  I cannot imagine going anywhere without access to some book.  I may take a paperback and my Kindle.  I may take my Kindle.  I may just have my cell phone with my Kindle app.  I always have access to books.

So when I complain about my job, I am not actually complaining about my job.  I love my job.  I hate politics.  I hate feeling like I have to be someone else 40 hours a week because the real me isn’t professional enough.  But this is me and this is what I do.

I love it.  I really do.


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