Weird Michigan by Linda S. Godfrey

I am not going to lie.  I really, really enjoyed this book.  I actually read it with a Google window open in front of me so I could look things up, even if it was just a town on a map.  The whole book really made me feel like I needed to let my freak flag fly.  There were just so many cool and/or weird things in there.  I caught myself telling Hubby about a bigfoot sighting that happened just a town away in 1992 and things like this lead to whole discussions.

There’s everything in this book.  You’ve got your hauntings, your cemeteries, cool old buildings, tourist traps.  There are ancient mysteries and strange “natural” phenomenon.  Some of it is super campy but it was completely engrossing for me.

Before I return this one to the library I plan to write a list of things I want to see.  Someday it will be summer and a few little road trips could be a blast.


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