Tally Monday- April 7, 2014

Checked Out

  1. Overwhelmed by Brigid Shulte
  2. Don Quiote by Miguel de Cervantes (audio)


  1. The Story of Pholosophy by Will Durant


  1. Weird Michigan by Linda S. Godfrey



See, you guys?  Do you see my issue here??  I may have one week were I read three books and don’t add any to my pile but you can bet your buttons that I will do the exact opposite the next week.

Part of the problem is that I have a very very very complicated rotation system for my TBR stack.  I am pursuing many different kinds of books and working on three authors and three lists.  Besides that, and this is the really sad book, I decided last year to read one of my own books very other book.  So, it went stack-my book-stack-my book.  Then I decided that I needed to work on getting through some series so it went stack-series-mine-stack-series-mine.  And now, just this week, I have decided to read alll of the V.C. Andrews books.  So, I now have stack-mine-series-VC.  I’m just so screwed.  And what I really, really want to do is check off some books on my giant list so I’ve been ordering audios to cover those.

I definitely feel like I should have made it through more than one book this week but, in all fairness, I got really involved with Weird Michigan.  I mean, I had a Google search pulled up for most of my reading.  I like weird stuff and I am home state proud for sure.

I made an interesting observation to myself yesterday.  I feel like I’ve been really pushing myself with my reading this year.  I’ve been trying new things and catching up and really enjoying it.  You know what?  I feel smarter than I have felt in a long time.  I’ve discovered a world of book nerds and I feel so good about that.  I’m not a freak after all!  It’s amazing what reading can do for you.  It’s truly amazing.


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