Happiness Project: June

Hola!  It’s been a long time since we talked about my happiness project, so long that we are five days into a new month and I haven’t said a word about it!  Don’t feel bad.  My calendars are still on May, too.

You may remember (or not) that last month my goal was to Enjoy Nature.  I had this goals that I know I just wouldn’t get to.  Things like starting a garden.  Well, I assure you, I did not start a garden.  I thought about it a lot.  I made a lot of comments about it to Hubby.  I never got off my ass and did it though.

Did I enjoy nature in May?

Hell yes.  In May it finally warmed up and I finally got to put the top down on the convertible and I finally got to start going for walks in the mornings.  I got to smell the honeysuckle as I drove down the road.  I took some dirt roads.  I played a lot of disc golf in the woods.  I wandered home through the fields of northern Ohio, taking an extra 3 hours to get home just because I like the flatness of the land so much.

I am feeling good.  I have my rough days.  This morning was rough.  But the important thing is this: I feel like I have come out of a fog, lifted my head above it.  I feel like myself most of the time!  I didn’t know that I didn’t feel like myself to begin with!  And so…. Onward!

June: Allow Some Pleasure

  • Read in the sunshine
  • Drive with the top down
  • Go on a picnic
  • Have a bonfire
  • Watch the sun rise

June is totally rigged.  I always have a bonfire for my birthday.  😉


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