Mid June HP Update

How do you enjoy life?

Really, this is a serious question.  Because for me the answer is: boundaries.

See, I am a little crazy and I use rules to keep myself in check.  This is important because if I don’t do this I will probably either never get anything done or I will do nothing but work.  On of my rules is that I can bust my butt to get anything done that I want until I get home from work.  It is completely acceptable to clean the toilet on my lunch break but after work I can read or watch TV or play games or just sleep.  That is the time for me to enjoy my life.  On the other hand, I keep an intense to do list in my planner.  I expect a lot of myself, even if those expectations end when I get home at night.

These may seem like crazy rules to keep but from my point of view it is probably the best thing that I can do.  I understand that a lot of people think it is odd to expect yourself to clean/organize two things a day but for me it means that my house is usually in pretty decent shape and I’m investing 10 to 30 minutes a day.  Yes, I clean the whole house once a week but my junk drawer isn’t actually full of junk and it took me 15 minutes to tackle it on a Wednesday morning while I drank a glass of coffee.  This week I intend to clean out my clothes.  It will be done by Friday and I will do it one drawer at a time.

It’s nice because it means that I can tell myself to simmer down.  When I left the house this morning I was thinking that maybe I didn’t need to go to the movies tonight.  Maybe, instead, I should go home and practice the banjo and work on cleaning the house.  Then I reminded myself that, no, I am not allowed to do that.  I need to go out and enjoy myself.  It’s about the boundaries.


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