Dance of the Happy Shades by Alice Munro

I had heard of Alice Munro.  I actually heard about her again and again.  She popped up in short story collections I read through.  Every time one of her short story collections came out it seemed like the book world I was familiar with just exploded with it.  Then she won the Nobel Prize and I heard about her even more.

So I gave in.  Sometimes you have to.

I never know what to say about short story collections.  In fact for many years I avoided short stories completely until I realized I may have been missing something.  What I can tell you guys about Alice Munro is that she is absolutely amazing.  I’m not one to talk about sentences but this woman can write them.  As I read along, I kept pausing to read aloud to Hubby, who never seems to appreciate literary genius as much as I do.

I think that maybe a large part of my love of this collection is the relate-ability for me.  Munro writes mostly about small towns in Canada, one in particular that is situated on Lake Huron.  I am so close to this area that it feels familiar.  I can see the social constructs of my own small town.  These are quiet stories, as my creative writing teacher would have said, and they are beautifully pulled off.

I cannot wait for the next collection to come in for me.  I’ve even put some Hemingway on hold for this!


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