Tally Monday- September 8, 2014

Checked Out



None, though not for lack of trying.


  1. Tampa by Alyssa Nutting
  2. No Future for You by Joss Whedon

TBR: 32


Alright, I am going to try this, you guys, because Bestie told me I should.  Soon I’ll have a post up about the happenings of this week but I’m not ready so I’m just going to pretend that things are normal.

Remember vacation?  I was going to try to read a book a day?  Yeah, that didn’t happen.  I actually can’t even tell you why except that I really didn’t get around to any of the junk that I intended to do.  The house was clean for a little bit and I was relaxed for a little bit.  I had a wonderful Friday that I will tell you about later.  Now I’m not sure that I can read for any prolonged period of time.

Today I opened my graphic novel and thought, “Oh no.  There are pictures and words!  How do they make sense??”  Have there ever been any times in your life when you haven’t been able to read?  What were they?

So, about buying books.  Last Wednesday I went thrifting with Mom and we went to 2nd and Charles which is like a chain second hand store with books and records and instruments and games and some new stuff too.  I had decided that I needed a copy of Tipping Point after listening to an interview with the author but they didn’t have it.  I poked around and poked around, grabbed a book on clearance then put it back and finally I talked myself out of needing anything.  Friday I was by another used book story and did pretty much the same things.  Sigh.  I should have bought a book.

I’m trying, y’all.  I picked up my book earlier and read a whole whopping 10 pages.  I promise I will tell you want is going on soon but I don’t know how to say it yet.