Wonder Woman: Blood by Brian Azzarello

When I was growing up, I didn’t actually know anybody who read comics.  I didn’t actually know anyone until I started dating my last ex.  He loved comics.  He had a pull list at his local shop and filled in there when he was needed.  I fell asleep super early once when I was staying with him and he spend the whole night organizing his comics, literally didn’t go to bed until I woke up in the morning.  I got acquainted with the guys at the shop and they were great guys and all but comics really mystified me.  It was about that time that I started picking up a graphic novel here and there and soon he was assigning me The Most Important Books.  I read a few.  I liked them fine.  Still, the whole culture and world of comics mystified me.

Well, no more, my loves.  No more.  This girl is branching out.  This girl had found a list to work with and is going to read whatever I can order for free through the library because I’m effing cheap.  And a librarian.

Wonder Woman was not on this list.  I actually just picked it up seemingly out of the air.  I had never read Wonder Woman but kind of thought I’d like to go as her for Halloween sometime and realized that it was pretty stupid not to read something first because I knew literally nothing.

I liked it.  I liked it enough to order the next volume.  Do I get it?  I’m not quite sure yet but my mythology is a little shaky.  It was a great way to spend a Saturday.


I swear, reviews are going to start being reviewy again soon.


On Rereading Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

I had a big week ahead of me.  I was going back to work.  I was feeling all of my feels.  It seemed like the perfect time for Hitchhiker’s Guide to pop up in my queue.  It’s going to be fun!  I’ve already read it so I don’t have to invest so much into it!  Plus, I remembered really, really liking it.  Surely, this would solve all of my reading problems.  Right?


Here’s a rundown of how this week went:  I worked my ass off at work because I had been gone for two weeks.  I actually made extra work for myself because I was worried that I’d get bored and start crying.  At home I spent most of my time staring at my phone and playing games because I was exhausted from work.  I told myself to just keep moving and it would be just fine so there was one day this week when I actually worked 9:30-7:00 AND managed to clean my whole effing house from top to bottom.  When I did sit down to read it had to be perfect conditions.  The book is BIG because it’s all five novels collected and it’s hard to hold.  If the TV was on, it was all over.  I pretty much wasted a week wanting to read and being perfectly incapable of it.

But, dammit, I did it.

It took a little bit to get back into the swing of things but I managed to finish the book and I even managed to get sucked in about half way through and actually kind of understand what was going on.  (I mean, there’s a lot that I am sure is not meant to be understood because it’s British humor.)  Yes, I enjoyed it.  Yes, I am ready to keep on reading.  This is the current series I’m working on so expect actual reviews soon.

There’s a lot coming up.  I’ve got some short books on the top of the stack.  I’ve got my annual Fear Street feast on order.  I’m gearing up for the Twain challenge.  And I’m only one book off track.  Here goes nothing!