Tally Monday- October 6, 2014

Checked Out

  1. Restaurant at the End of the Universe by Douglas Adams
  2. Ten Years in the Tub by Nick Hornby*


  1. Stormy Weather by Paulette Jiles
  2. Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann
  3. The Stand by Stephen King, uncut ebook


  1. Ski Weekend by R.L. Stine
  2. Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh
  3. Fire Game by R.L. Stine



When I was in sixth grade I started writing a story about vampires.  I had the great little notebook that was covered in jean with butt pockets and everything.  I hated the bus so I balanced the notebook on my lap, took out my purple R.S.V.P. pen, and started writing.  I packed it with excitement and vocabulary words.  I went home and read the first chapter to my mother.  She was super impressed.  Honestly, I still think that those five pages, front and back, were my best work ever.  And do you know what started it?  Fear Street.  That was the year that I was completely enthralled with the books.  I would beg Mom to take my to the used bookstore so I could find more of the series.  It was a moment of innocence.  That summer I found the adult horror section and I changed forever.

I find it funny how people assign value to books.  A mentor of mine once pointed out that Fear Street books shouldn’t count toward my challenge.  I balked because she reads so many bodice rippers.  Once in a while I think that I should go back to my horror roots in my writing.  I mean, it’s worked before.  Anything that makes a kid pick up a pen and write a story just for the fun of it is totally worthy.

And so, that was my reading life this week.  I bit my nails and yelled at the protagonists and downed page after page, making fun of outdated clothing and details.  I enjoyed the shit out of it.

You guys know that today I am starting my DEART (Drop Everything and Read Twain) project.  I haven’t started yet.  The book is sitting patiently beside me, waiting to be picked up.  I’m nervous.  What if I don’t like it and have set myself up for failure?  What if Twain is too smart for me?  Do I really want to dedicate my next year to one author?

Then there’s The Stand.  I read the originally published version a couple of years ago and loved it.  This Ebola scare has me just itching for some Captain Trips goodness.  But rereading a book is a lot different than rereading a HUGE book.  I don’t know that I can justify the time.

Hubby is busy with Magic online right now.  I should plow through some stuff pretty quickly.  Or fail horribly.

*Holy. Shit.  I forgot to mention the Hornby!!  Okay, so Hornby writes this column about books bought compared to books read and the general workings of a reading life.  Ten Years in the Tub is the collection of years of this column, some previously collected and released and some new.  I love it.  It makes me laugh and nod and I want to highlight the shit out of it.


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