Tally Monday- November 3, 2014

Checked Out

  1. Brief Lives by Neil Gaiman
  2. World’s End by Neil Gaiman
  3. The Kindly Ones by Neil Gaiman
  4. The Wake by Neil Gaiman


  1. An Unquiet Grave by P.J. Parrish




I have no effing idea…

I have a perfectly good excuse.  See… I don’t know if you realized this or not but last week was Halloween and Halloween is MY holiday.  We started watching horror movies on Sunday and partook in one a night for the whole week.  That cut into my reading time.  Plus, I was about three hours short on sleep for two nights, rendering me perfectly useless for most of the week.  Friday night I handed out candy and went grocery shopping.  Saturday I cooked, cleaned, and decorated for the party.  Sunday I didn’t move from the couch and watched 13 episodes of Lost even though I’ve seen the whole series and played the Sims.

I read an interesting short story in my short story collection (The Oxford Book of Short Stories, 1981).  “A Horse and Two Goats” by R.K. Narayan.  It was interesting.  I don’t know if I got it.  My eyes were dry and bloodshot from lack of sleep.  I tried to read the Parrish book that I picked up this week because it takes place in the cemetery of an old mental home in Michigan and that’s super close to home and it sounded delightfully thrilling.  I gave up two chapters in.  It was number 7 in a series and it was just too much back story for me to care.

I promise that life will near normal soon enough.  Horror movie season is over and I don’t know that I’ll keep on with the Lost. Though, I did really enjoy playing the Sims….  And it is NaNoWriMo….

May you read more than I am!


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