The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists by Gideon Defoe

The chain of events for my relationship with this book look something like this:  Cute little hardcover that looks amusing shows up in book sale.  Crazy Book Lady gladly forks out $1, for some reason thinking that her husband would probably like it too.  Book makes it home and is handed to husband.  Later, book ends up on shelf because it is too cute to be banished to the boxes in the closet.  A couple of years later, Crazy Book Lady pulls the book’s name out of a hat(box) and takes it from the shelf.  Husband insists that he read the whole thing.  CBL is pretty sure that he only read parts.  As CBL reads, she cannot help but read the best bits out loud causing Hubby to insist, repeatedly, that he has read the book.  The spouses decide on a whim to rewatch Lost and tiny little book takes way too long to read and, as usual, CBL regrets not taking the time to read it in the mythical one sitting.  CBL is also really excited by the appearance of a pirate ship on the show AND thinks that she needs to watch all of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies for some reason.  Rum sounds nice.

A sailor’s life for me, yo!

Basically, if you cannot tell, I was absolutely delighted by this book.  It was ridiculous.  Hijinks were had.  The characters were not well developed.  Blah, blah, blah.  It made me laugh.  It made me walk around the house singing “What Would You Do with a Drunken Sailor.”  I have no regrets.

When our tale begins, Pirate Captain and his crew are on vacation after their last adventure and they are feeling a little restless.  Luckily, a rival pirate invites them aboard his ship for a feast, with ham!  The pirates attend the feast and the rival pirate informs Pirate Captain of a ship carrying vast amounts of gold called the Beagle.  Happy to find themselves on an adventure, the pirates enthusiastically locate the ship and fire at it with cannonballs.  It is only when they attempt to loot the ship that they realize there is no gold, only some scientist, one of which being Darwin, and a monkey, Mr. Bobo.  To make up for sinking the ship, Pirate Captain offers to take them aboard and help to save Darwin’s brother from the evil Bishop.

Did I learn anything from this book?  Only that the Berlin zoo is much better than the London zoo which has too many hoofed animals.  Also, that knot tying is an exhausting business.

I didn’t realize this was first in a series when I picked it up.  I want to keep reading them.  I am so glad this nonsense exists.

Also, don’t skip the reading comprehension questions.


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