Tally Monday- November 24, 2014

Checked Out



  1. All My Friends are Going to be Strangers by Larry McMurtry


  1. Doll’s House by Neil Gaiman
  2. Dream Country by Neil Gaiman

TBR: 37

I woke up this morning to pretty dire circumstances in Rachael World.  I didn’t do anything this weekend and my To Do list is a mile long.  I haven’t worked on my novel for Nanowrimo since Thursday.  The house is utter chaos.  When I got groceries on Friday I forgot a handful of things.  While I had done the laundry yesterday I hadn’t actually folded it so there was a mountain of clean clothes in the basket.  Every day I think longingly of the book I’m reading and every day I think about my TBR stack on my desk and I wish that I could just read and read and read.  But sometimes I can’t and sometimes I don’t.  This week I just didn’t.  I didn’t really do much of anything.  I cannot actually tell you where the time went, even though I stayed up until 5 AM yesterday.

I’ve been having a frustrating month.  I feel like there is always something getting in the way of what I want to do.  This happens in a normal life.  It happens to everybody.  An example:  One day last week it was super cold and gray all day and I was feeling tired and stressed out but generally on top of things.  I worked really hard at work and really hard around the house and at the end of the day I wanted to go home and just relax and read.  I wanted to just get sucked into the world of the book.  BUT, hubby was in a talking mood and seemed really insulted when I just wanted to read.  I reminded myself that he loves me and he wants to spend time with me but in the back of my head the little kid in me was stomping its feet and yelling, “But you did what you wanted to do while I made dinner!  When is it my turn??”  But it’s seriously been like that with everything these past two weeks.  If I want to clean the house, I have to go to work.  If I want to make dinner, a cat pukes on the floor and I have to clean it up.

This too shall pass.

I am really enjoying Sandman though.  I was skeptical at first.  It’s not that I doubt Gaiman, I’ve loved everything that I’ve read of his, but I didn’t really know what to expect.  I mean, the Lord of Dreams?  Where could that possibly go?  Everywhere.  It can go everywhere.  Seriously, I am pretty disturbed by the fact that Death is now like my favorite character ever.  Seriously.

Better reading this week?  Pft.  I hope so.


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