The Gospel According to Larry by Janet Tashjian

I’ve been working my way through my giant TBR list bit by bit and really I was supposed to be listening to Gone with the Wind, a gigantic audiobook that is cataloged in two parts, the first of which has been checked out for two months.  While waiting, I moved on down the list which had been alphabetized by title at one point.  Next up was The Gospel According to Larry, a book that was most likely put on my list in 2001 when it came out and I just never got around to it.

Too bad because it was pretty great.  Even better, it was just over three hours and I listened to it in a matter of two days just on my regular drives.

Josh is just an outsider.  He lives with his stepfather since his mother passed away three years earlier from cancer.  He’s the kind of guy who really values his privacy and his solidarity.  He only has one real friend, Beth, and he has been in love with her forever.  She seems a little more interested in finding a cool guy than her best friend, though.

Josh starts a website called The Gospel According to Larry and starts to post “Sermons” about consumerism, celebrity worship, and all of the things that bother him about modern society.  He never expects it to take off.  Then it does.  There are tons of followers who do everything from organize protests to vandalize billboards.  Eventually Larry even gets the attention of U2.  Things are going well but Josh, anonymously Larry, is torn between enjoying the changes being made by his fans and worrying that his message will end up corrupted.  Plus, when will he find the right moment to tell Beth who he is?

Then he is outed and everything gets out of control.

This was one of those audio experiences where I was pretty sure that the reader really helped make the book but I totally would have read it anyway.  I liked Larry.  I liked his ideas.  He was just a kid but, hell, we all make mistakes.


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