Tally Monday December 29, 2014

Checked Out





  1. Ten Years in the Tub by Nick Hornby
  2. “Strange Beads” by Wendy Brenner

TBR: 33

Ladies and gentlemen, this lady is on vacation!  As with every vacation, I had grand ideas about how his was going to go.  I was going to finish a book every other day.  Plus I was going to clean the whole house from top to bottom, going through drawers and throwing out the accumulation of useless shit that has managed to pile up recently.  This was a complicated procedure because the first thing that I had to do was construct my new shelves, move my old shelves, and manipulate my office into some sort of working order.  Now that it’s done, it’s the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen.  But while that was happening the whole house was in complete and utter chaos.

I am happy to say that this is a state of affairs that I have spent days righting.  The office is done.  The bedrooms are done.  The bathroom is done.  The hallway is done.  I’ve got a good start on the kitchen.  I haven’t finished a book since I started.

I am, however, in the second half of Stephen King’s latest, Revival.  I’m enjoying it.  I have no idea where it’s going.  It’s pretty exciting.  I’m glad that I decided to buy new King as it comes out.  The first half of the book was full of this great music and nostalgia and it made me want to play rhythm guitar.

I thoroughly enjoyed “Strange Beads”, the essay I read this week.  It actually made me click around Ebay a bit for the first time in years.

The holidays are a busy time and I’m a crazy woman who makes way more work for herself than is good.  Then there are the after holiday distractions.  You know, all of those video games that have made their was into the house, plus a new version of Trivial Pursuit.  Book smarts?  That’s for the new year!


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