Tally Monday- March 16, 2015

Checked Out

  1. A-List by Zoey Dean
  2. The Sweet Far Thing- Libba Bray (audio)


  1. Boone’s Lick- Larry McMurtry
  2. Postcards- E. Annie Proulx
  3. The Goss Women- R.V. Cassill


  1. “Joy”- Zadie Smith
  2. Phoebe and Her Unicorn– Dana Simpson
  3. “LIttle X”- Elizabeth Tallent

TBR: 36

Do you remember that I was all excited about my new reading plan last week and how it was really going to help me tick down the TBR list and make it manageable again?  Well, you may not have noticed it but it hasn’t actually worked yet.  My TBR stack has been at 36 since February 23.  I recognize that I am going to have to be patient, that eventually the number will go down.  Then I look at my next stack of four (library-library-book I own-series) and I see that it’s really cyclical.  Like, my next set of four is “childrens book, deAngeli book, book I added because Terry Pratchett died, and series.”  Those are all things that will be replaced almost right away.  I know, I know, I know.  Patience is a virtue.  Whatever.

I enjoyed what I read this week and that should really mean something.  I did throw a book aside and decide not to read it.  I did make some progress.  There’s even a chance that I will finish A-List today.  What can I say?  I really enjoy these bratty rich kid books.  Plus, they are a total throw back.

I discovered last week that I have a hard time reviewing audio books.  I wanted to review them for you guys because I actually really like A Great and Terrible Beauty, the first in the Gemma Doyle trilogy, but when I sat down at the computer I felt completely flummoxed.  How do you spell that character’s name?  How do I describe this when I am pretty sure that I missed a few little bits?  Maybe someday I’ll be able to get it down.  Any suggestions?

I am going to go and rewrite my plan a little bit and then take a bite out of my pile.  Really, you guys.  We have to get this under control, just like when I decide to eat my way through the junk food in the house.

*Update*  Oh, guys…  If I go the way I’m going, I have enough books to last me 46 reads. Shit.


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