A-List by Zoey Dean

The backlog that is my TBR is so immense that, at this point, reading a YA series that I wanted to read as it came out is like a throwback.  There is something comforting about this, really.  I may not have been a rich girl living in Beverly Hills but I graduated the year before this book was published and there are little things that made me feel like I was 17 again.  I hate to compare but so far I think that I will like A-List better than Gossip Girl. It seems a little smarter and less shocking just to be shocking.

Our MC, one Anna of the east coast WASP, has decided to spend a semester in L.A, living with her father and interning at a publishing house.  She’s made the decision to go to L.A. for a couple of reasons.  First, her family is falling apart.  Her sister is back in rehab and her mother, who just can’t seem to deal with it, is off in Europe.  Second, Anna’s best friend, Cyn, is dating the boy she was in love with and too shy to make the first move on.  Anna has decided to face the open world in front of her.  She has decided to try to be more like Cyn, to broaden her horizons.  Her first challenge is sitting next to an obnoxious man on the plan but when she can’t gather the courage to tell him to screw off, she ends up drinking a little more than she should and making out with a cute guy, Ben, in the plane bathroom.

Most of this book takes place on New Years Eve.  We learn about Anna’s father and how he’s let her down.  Then we get to go to a movie star’s wedding with Anna and Ben.  That’s where we meet Sam, Cammie, and Dee, the A-List of Beverly Hills High and all miraculously in love with Ben.  There’s a romantic evening, a wild party, mean girls, and disasters.  You know, all of the makings of a good YA series from the 2000’s.

I was seriously delighted by this.  Anna and Sam are both smart girls and I like them a lot.  I cannot wait to see what is to come.  There’s nothing like a book that makes you giggle and gasp and squeal.


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