Tally Monday- July 13, 2015

Checked Out

  1. Eating the Cheshire Cat by Helen Ellis
  2. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rolwing


  1. Spells of Enchantment by Jack Zipes


  1. The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner
  2. “Evie M.” by O.A. Lindsey

TBR: 32

There was a point this week when I felt exactly like the Anchor Man meme.  I looked at my now double stack of TBR books and thought, “Well, that escalated quickly.”  Wasn’t I supposed to be whittling the pile down?  Wasn’t I supposed to stop checking out random stuff?  Wasn’t I supposed to actually be reading?  The most surprising thing was when I counted the books in my stack and realized that it was actually still hanging around the same amount it’s been at forever.

Still, things feeling a little out of control isn’t always a bad thing.  I felt a real need to get my ass in gear last week so I plowed through the last bit of The Sound and the Fury, which I really did like and probably actually liked more for the speed with which I finished it.  Then I started the laborious task of pushing through a collection of short stories.  When I realized that I was actually dreading reading more of them, I tossed it aside and moved on.  I grabbed the new Krakauer, Missoula, and was sucked in before the action packed adventure that was my weekend and also made any reading virtually impossible.

By the way, I have never read Krakauer  before but there’s this really funny story about Hubby reading Into the Wild when he was going through a notoriously tough time and taking off in the middle of the night with nothing but his fishing gear and a hatchet to “go into the wild.”  Honestly, if the man writes like this all of the time, I’m not surprised.  I cannot believe how easy this is to read, given the subject matter.  I totally expected to just be upset the whole time that I was reading this but I’m not.  I’m having a hard time putting it down!

I still feel a little buried in the TBR.  I thought earlier, “Why can’t I get it down to 25?  20?  10??”  The idea of having only 10 books stacked up to read was enough to make me swoon.  If only.  If only!  Now I have convinced myself that I am prepared to blast through SO MANY BOOKS in the next couple of weeks.  I’ll try.  One of my goals is to steal time whenever I can, before work and after work and when I drive really fast and get somewhere early.  I will not leave the house without a book.  This is my charge!


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