Westward the Tide by Louis L’Amour

Months ago, I heard somewhere that westerns were one of the fastest growing genres and I realized that I had never ever read a western.  Where else would I start but with L’Amour?

At the start of this book, Matt Bardoul happens across Jacquine Coyle and is instantly drawn to her.  He follows her on to town where he is drawn into an opportunity to find some gold and start a town.  Bardoul knows right away that he wants Jacquine in a way that he has never wanted a woman before and so he decides to join up with her father’s wagon train which is headed for an undisclosed location supposedly riddled with gold.  There is trouble right away, first with a man named Clive Massey and then with more and more of the men around him.  It doesn’t take long for Matt to figure out that something is amiss with the wagon train but then he had to convince other good men as well.  Will he be in time to save the innocent lives on the wagon train, as well as the life of his heart’s desire.

It seems that there are a lot of things to take joy from in this kind of western.  There are all of the American archetypes: the good man, the bad man, the business man, the fiery woman.  It was familiar and engrossing at the same time.  It was easy to get caught up in the environment and part of that was probably because it seemed so familiar from all of those old movies.

I listened to this on audio and it was a great book for driving.  It was plot driven enough to keep me excited and interested.  Who knew that I was missing out on such a good genre.  I can’t wait to try more because I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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