The Itch and the Twitch

I am writing today because I am having a frustrating reading day. Or, rather, I suppose that I am having a frustrating non-reading day. Now, I don’t know what time it is right now because I have been covering my work clocks as a mindfulness exercise (The day really does go faster and I get much more involved in me work when I’m not checking every five minutes to see if it’s lunchtime/time to go home.) but I know that it’s morning and that I have spent most of my morning itching and twitching to read.


Well, right now I am reading six books. In all fairness, I am really only reading five. One poetry book, one ebook on my Kindle at night, an audiobook, an ARC for work, and my regular book. At this moment I am SO NEARLY DONE with two of them! I just want to finish! I have half a CD left on my audio and things were just getting good this morning when I got a phone call from Mom and I really wanted to talk to her. I have about 15 pages left in my ebook but couldn’t get through it last night because I started dozing off and hitting my face with my Kindle.

Sometimes being a librarian means that I have to deal with a certain level of frustration. I am addicted to books. I want to read them and talk about them and own them and touch them. When I am at work, I am as bad as Dr. House in a pharmacy. Being surrounded by all of these books reminds me of how badly I want to read whatever I happen to be reading and the natural reaction I have to not being able to is to want to read anything that I can

get my hands on right this second.
Some days are easier than others. Yesterday didn’t have a problem at all and even when I was given a chance to do some reading at work I passed it up for other things that I wanted to do. Today? Today I can barely focus for all the book pining. It’s kind of ridiculous.

Tonight I will finish my audiobook and I will at least make a dent in my ebook. I’ll do the things I need to do: vote, write, pick up the house, fold the laundry. Maybe I will be able to settle into some reading. But tomorrow night is golden opportunity. Hubby is going out after work and I will be gloriously alone. That means nothing, though. I could lay in bed and read all night or I could watch Youtube and drink wine.

Life is full of surprises. I never know what to expect.


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