Tally Monday- March 21, 2016

Checked Out

  1. Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris
  2. Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gay


  1. Ruby Tears of Edgecliff Manor by Elizabeth Carroll
  2. When Women Were Birds by Terry Temepst Williams
  3. In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust


  1. Unicorn on a Roll by Dana Simpson
  2. Unicorn vs. Goblins by Dana Simpson

TBR: 14

I don’t mean to start on a down note but I am having a Monday.  That’s not even really true.  I just would kind of like it if I could have a Monday where I’m not afraid of randomly bursting into tears.  A Monday when I am not feeling completely terrible about myself.  But it was a weekend, you guys, and pretty much every terrible thing that I think about myself was confirmed for me.  So.  That’s awesome.  You should see my handwriting right now.  I’m so shaky it looks like it came from an 80 year old woman.  I know that I will pull myself up out of it because I always do.  But, boy, I sure feel shitty right now.

I gave in this week and read some Phoebe and Her Unicorn books.  I read the first one last March and only just realized that there were two more out.  I checked them out and pretty much devoured them.  I’ve been reading Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonflight for almost two weeks.  I’m really enjoying it but I can’t seem to get myself to settle on anything right now.  It’s hard because I WANT to read it.  I really do.  And I want to read my next book, Marvel and a Wonder by Joe Meno, and all of the books after that.

A couple of weeks ago I started a study in mindfulness.  Okay, so I’ve kind of been doing it for a while.  Back at the beginning of February I read a book about mindfulness at work.  I took a lot out of it, really.  I’ve been taking time during the day to just breath and gather my thoughts and focus.  So often I catch myself just floating off.  I try to read an article and it reminds me of five other things that I’ve been meaning to do.  I catch myself watching the minutes go by on my computer clock so I’ve taken to covering the clock with a piece of paper.  Sometimes it feels like this is so easy to do at work but at home I am a scattered mess, surrounded by all of my unfinished projects and all of the things that I should be doing.  I handle being overwhelmed in the typical way: I just don’t do any of it.

The things that have been taking up my time lately?  Atomas, a great little cell phone game that I am absolutely addicted to, and House of Cards and Kitchen Nightmares.  The best things is that I have tons of projects that I can work on in front of the TV and I don’t.  I just zone out or play Atomas until my eyes bleed.  (Not really.  That would be gross.)  I AM almost done with Club Dead on audio and cannot wait to review it.  Cannot.  Wait.

Yesterday I woke up bound and determined to prove that I can do it all.  I started the spring clean that I’ve been wanting to do.  I didn’t start until mid afternoon and I managed to do my closet, headboard, and three drawers before going to the in-laws for dessert.  Maybe putting my stuff in order will inspire me to put my life in order.  Or maybe it will just make me feel better and that is something I would seriously not mind at all right now.

I’m going to go and be mopey somewhere else.  Have a good week.