Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey

I read this one as part of my Sci-Fi/Fantasy club.  After a couple of rough books, this was a wonderful relief.  I loved it.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I gave a hearty, “Yay, Lessa!”  I asked my husband if I could have a dragon.  (Though, the torti cat is pretty close to one sometimes…)

Lessa has been hiding out in Ruatha since the day Fax’s troops stormed the castle and killed her family.  Only the watch-wher knows who she is.  When F’lar, the rider of a great bronze dragon, brings his men in search of a new weyrwoman, she sees her chance of destroying Fax.  Lessa is smart, determined, and capable of manipulating others with ease.  When she manages to force F’lar’s hand in offing Fax, she see’s only that she will soon reclaim her hold.  Then F’lar offers her a chance to weyrwoman.

Pern is in trouble.  The ancient enemies, Threads that come from the red star, are about to fall and they are short on dragons and support.  The legends are fading away in the minds of the common people who know only that they are sending their harvests on to an outdated tradition.  F’lar and Lessa must find a way to solve these problems, and fast, before the whole planet is destroyed.

Another book that I wish I had been able to read faster.  I could barely put it down at the end.  Still want a dragon.


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