Tally Monday- April 4, 2016

Checked Out

  1. Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris


  1. Stephen King Illustrated Companion by Bev Vincent
  2. Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker
  3. Hands of Lucifer by John Tigges


  1. Archie, vol 1 by Mark Waid

TBR 14

Have you guys happened to see the 5 year Q&A a Day?  I recently came into my third year with mine and while I don’t do it everyday, I do do it every day that I journal and I go back and fill in any days that I missed.  One day last week, the question was, “What invention could you not live without?”  In 2014 I said paper.  In 2015 I said the printing press.  This year?  I didn’t even hesitate when I put down, “My iPhone.”

And that’s really a problem, isn’t it?  Last year I spent some time focusing on NOT looking at my phone all of the time.  I would plug it in and leave it in another room.  I turned on Do Not Disturb by 10 PM sharp and made a point not to check the web or play any of my games after that point.  (I’ll admit to weather checking.)  I spent a lot of time telling myself that I didn’t have to be right next to the phone all of the time, that my friends and family could wait for me to answer their text, that it was rarely an emergency.  (Except that one time that it was an emergency and my phone was in the other room for hours while I slept.)

I’m not sure why but my iPhone habits have gotten out of control like never before.  I’m not even sure when it happened.  I was suspecting that this was the case a couple of weeks ago and last week I became positive that it was the case.  I don’t really get it.  I am so ridiculously excited to read the new Annie Proulx.  I have an advance copy.  Why is it that when I finally settle down to read for the night I catch myself a half an hour later staring at the iPhone screen open mouthed and glassy eyed, reading the same status updates over and over again or googling how to get my life together only to read the same advice over and over again and never actually take it?

It’s easy to just give up at the end of the day.  My job is not particularly stressful or anything but by the time I get home I feel completely drained.  I have millions of things that I could do when I get home.  Just today I can tell you that the laundry needs done. (I ran out of detergent and completely forgot to buy any.)  The house needs to be cleaned.  I need to actually spring clean and get rid of a bunch of stuff and clean the stupid fans and such.  I have this absolutely delicious book on my Kindle and my TBR stack is full of things that I couldn’t wait to have.  But when I get home I’ll unpack my work bag, talk to Hubby, make something to eat, and then space out on the couch until bedtime.

Let’s face it, we all reach a point sometimes when we have to admit that we aren’t living out best lives right now and something needs to change.  I have been at that spot for the past couple of weeks and this is one of the things that needs changing.  When I go to bed at night I feel lazy and unsatisfied.  I need to do stuff and part of that is reading.

Oh, I know that I am being hard on myself.  I know that last week I finished around 5 billion books or whatever.   But I really do need to put the phone down and do something useful for a change.

May all of your reading dreams come true, lovies, and may you fall into bed at night knowing that you have lived well.