Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris

And the series listening continues!  This one took me a little longer than the previous books in the series but I can’t really say why.  I’ve spent a lot of time on the phone with my mother while I’ve been driving and I listened to my morning show a couple of times because I really needed a laugh but the story was just as good and I found myself a lot of the time torn about what to do in the car.  Like I’ve said before, listening to the Southern Vampire books really helps me to not wig out in the car which is pretty nice.  When I listen, I feel better and my drive is much more pleasant.

One thing that I love about these books is how it seems like all hell breaks loose.  Right?  First, Bill tells Sookie he’s going to Peru for a while and Sookie is pretty okay with this.  Then, on the way home from work, she happens upon a naked, amnesiac Eric.  After managing to get him into her car and back to her house safely, she calls Fangtasia to inform Pam that she has him.  When Pam and Chow show up, they inform Sookie that Eric is under a curse, that some witches have moved into the area and the leader wants all of Eric’s businesses or Eric himself as a kind of, ahem, sexual play thing.  Eric has refused the offer, surprisingly, and the witch has put some kind of curse on him.  The witches are also posting fliers around offering a reward for his whereabouts.  Sookie agrees to take Eric in and hide him after Jason manages to negotiate a large payment for the service.  Then Jason goes missing.

While this one didn’t make me laugh as much as the others and there seemed to be a bit of meandering between exciting bits, there was a sex scene that lasted no less than 20 minutes on my way to work one morning, so that was interesting.

There doesn’t seem to be any debate about Eric being hot and a favorite among readers.  However, I think that I like read Eric better than cursed Eric.  Cursed Eric is sweet and scared and concerned about Sookie but there is a part of me that think real Eric is the same way deep, deep down.  I want so badly for the two to get together sometimes.  I mean, they are both pig headed and Eric is greasy in a completely self aware way that Bill lacks.  Bill is greasy without knowing it.

The first disc of the next book is already in my player, ready to go.


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