Listy #6- Firsts

A List of 10 Firsts:

  1. First memory: I have a very vivid memory of my mother handing me over to my grandmother on her front porch with the iron columns.  Mom was telling Grandma that I could have a little hard cereal now.
  2. First pet: When I was little my brother had a black lab named Princess but the first real pet that was mine was a cat named Spike.  He was a full grown cat when we got him and we only kept him a few months because I’m allergic to cats.  We would get another one in about a year and a half.  I just have very itchy eyes all of the time. Lol.
  3. First Grade Teacher: Sharp.  She was very sharp tongued and eventually got tongue cancer, which I thought was pretty poetic.  She used to make me cry a lot and a boy in my class peed his pants because she wouldn’t let him use the bathroom, which was attached to the classroom BTW.
  4. First best friend: A girl named Sherry who lived down the street from me.  We had to quit hanging out because her older sisters were supposed to walk my home but never did so I walked home alone at 6 AND because she pooped in her front yard and I told my mom.
  5. First Nickname: Rachola when eventually was shortened to Chola and then became Choles.  I have one friend who still calls me this once in a while even though we made it up in sixth grade.
  6. First Car: Venus. 1989 Firebird, blue.  Had a habit of stealing my Zeppelin cassette when I let her get to dirty and stalling out at one particular corner.  I loved that car and ended up selling her to a girl I worked with who drove it half way across the country a couple of months later.  She told me that she kept it until she got pregnant and then her husband made her get rid of “the death trap.”
  7. First Book that Made Me a Reader: I’ve probably talked about this before, again and again, but it was totally Stephen King’s Carrie.  I read it when I was a freshman and I have vivid memories of sitting with my back against my bed and my feet on my wall for hours while I read it pretty much in one sitting.  It was the first time that I felt like I saw myself in a book which was kind of funny because Carrie White and I are vastly different.  We were just picked on.  It was kind of empowering, though, and it led me into all kinds of great horror movies and a lifelong love of King.  Within a year I was reading classics and YA series books like they were going out of style.
  8. First Kiss: This kid I dated for a couple of weeks when I was 19. I’m sure JR wasn’t his real name but that’s what we called him.  It was not my finest hour but a friend hooked us up because nobody at my school would date me.  JR was a big, heavy, sweaty kid who was not the brightest star in the sky.  My friend knew him from Young Marines but he was on probation for some infraction that I never asked about.  I don’t remember my first kiss but I remember the moment afterward when I thought, “Well.    That was my first kiss.”  And I remember my second kiss.  He was terrible at it and if we had kept dating I would have had the kind of chapped lips that imply you play the tuba.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that I could do better but he was so slow on the uptake that it took me three times to break up with him.
  9. First Love:  When I was 15 I started dating one of my cousin’s friends and it just really felt like he got me, you know.  I was awfully angsty and it was great feeling like it was me and him against the world.  Only, he had real life problems and I had crazy Rachael problems that in hind sight were not nearly as bad even though they were still kind of bad.  Anyway, he wrote me poetry and we made out a lot and he was really good at it.  We dated for about three months then he moved in with his dad and started dating a girl at his new school.  It was terrible drawn out shitty thing where we were still dating but he was dating someone else and I was sure that I could steal him back.  The whole thing culminated with me driving 35 minutes to his place on his birthday with a present after he told me that he would be there only to find him off with his girlfriend.  Enough was enough.
  10. First Job: Library page, 2000-2004.  I started working at the library the day after I got my license.  I worked at that same library until November 2015.  For the first four years I was a page which means I put books away and made sure that the shelves were in order.  I met a couple of my best friends when I was a page and one of them even went on to introduce me to my hubby.  I obviously enjoyed it.  I mean, I stayed there forever.

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