All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris

In all of the months that I have been listening to the Sookie books, I have not once mentioned the reader.  Johanna Parker reads these books and her voice is absolutely perfect for it.  It’s very similar to Anna Paquin’s when she plays Sookie in True Blood.  That made it very easy to adjust to.  Also, she takes a conversational tone.  Sometimes it feels like you’re just listening to a friend tell you a story over a glass of sweet tea.

A lot has been going on since we last saw Sookie.  Hurricane Katrina has hit New Orleans and the humans are not the only ones effected.  Many vampires are missing and the Queen of Louisiana has lost considerable standing due to the economic hardships she now faces.  Plus, she is about to go on trial for the murder of her husband.  Sookie has been hired to go to the vampire summit with the queen’s entourage as the resident telepath.  Even though a lot of people seem against her going, Sookie is determined to get some cushion money back into her account.  She figures she’ll get the convention out of the way and then spend a couple of months with her new boyfriend, Quinn.

It’s a high tension environment even before the summit.  Sookie learns that she is the only witness to the king’s murder and that she will be interviewed for the trial.  Strange things start happening right away.  A mysterious piece of luggage goes unclaimed.  An enemy is found dead in her room.  Then there’s the Dr. Pepper bomb that Sookie ends up finding in front of the queen’s door.  Who is trying to take down the queen of Louisiana?  Or is there something much more sinister afoot?

You really have to admire Sookie.  I mean it.  Sometimes she makes stupid mistakes but name one person who doesn’t.  Other than that, she may as well be the poster child for looking on the bright side of life.  While all of this is going down, she is trying her best to enjoy her time at the summit.  She is looking forward to the future.  She is building a life for herself.  It kind of made me feel better about a lot of things.  Not as much romance in this installment and that’s completely fine.  Sometimes it felt like a who’s-who of the vampire world but I found it surprisingly easy to keep characters straight.

We’re getting there!  On to the next!


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