Tally Monday- June 13, 2016

Checked Out

  1. The Uglies by Scott Westerfeld


  1. End of the Watch by Stephen King
  2. Is it evil not to be sure? by Lena Dunham
  3. Shrill by Lindy West


  1. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo
  2. The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Endgels
  3. All Together Dead by Charilaine Harris
  4. Horoscopes for the Undead by Billy Collins

TBR: 22

Are you ready for a good, old fashioned Tally Monday?  I am!  I am feeling so much better this week and I am ready to hit this old school, like when I started doing it.  Here it goes!

After setting a goal to get through my TBR stack this summer, I was all geared up to tell you guys that I hadn’t checked out any books this week.  But that was a lie.  I checked out The Uglies for my work reader’s advisory project.  We just read a “book for boys” and our next category, to be discussed next month, is dystopian.  Dystopian books are not really my thing and I had been trying to concentrate on newer, less well known books but I’ve wanted to read this series FOREVER and I couldn’t resist the chance to do so.

As far as my check out goal goes, there are obviously going to be some exceptions.  Like, my audiobooks and my poetry.  And I am just fine with that.

The new King came out on Tuesday and I made a point to rush right out to Kroger after work and buy it.  Last year I spent a whole lunch break searching for Finders Keepers.  The local independent book store (recently closed, I just found out) did not have it.  I went to Meijer and they didn’t have it.  Then I discovered that Kroger gets all of King’s new releases on release day and sells them at a 40% discount with your Kroger card.  I was so very excited for it and planned to spend the night reading away at it.  However,  I wanted to finish The Communist Manifesto and then I was too tired.  I’ve been wretched at reading this week and I am only about 70 pages in.  And that’s a generous estimate.  I am not a fan of the main characters in these books.  They feel wooden to me.  But I am ready for King to do his thing and I know that I will enjoy it.

I also bought the new Lena Dunham book this week.  54 pages comprised of journal type snippets.  I am not a Lena fan.  I disliked Girls so much that I never made it through the first episode in spite of attempting to do so three separate times.  One of my dear friends LOVES the show and has tried convincing me to give it another try but I just can’t.  Whenever I hear an interview with Dunham, I cringe.  Something about her just grates on me.  So why did I buy this?  Why, indeed.  I have no clue except that it sounded interesting and I’ve downloaded it to my phone to read while I wait in lines and such.  Hubby, who also dislikes Dunham, told me I was dead to him when I told him what I was reading.  Obviously not, though.  He’s spoken to me since then. lol.

When I say that I have been a lousy reader all week and then look at my finished books, I think I may be being too hard on myself.  I mean, I finished four books this week!  I like the variety too, right?  Like, two nonfiction, an audiobook, and poetry.  Plus, the Kondo really is a real kick in the ass.  I’ve emptied a whole drawer and half of my closet this week and I am still going, taking my time because I’m so busy all of the time.  Still, I would love to finish King this week and move on to The Girls by Emma Cline, a book that I have been really looking forward to.

One last thing before we wrap this baby up.  Hubby got me three months of the Book of the Month Club for my birthday and my first book, Shrill, came on Saturday which was also the day we were celebrating my birthday.  We went disc golfing in the heat and then bought some records and ate a chicken dinner in Frankenmuth and when we got home, hot and tired and stuffed, my book was waiting for me in its charming little box.  I did a dance.  Hubby is indeed the love of my life.  Ew.  Too sweet again.  Ew. lol.

Happy reading, y’all!  It’s time to get out your hammocks or your lawn chairs and get some fresh air while you read!


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