The Transatlantic Conspiracy

Here it is: a little bit of everything rolled into a short, sweet book.

I’m not quite sure what to categorize this one as.  It’s a little steampunk, in that it takes place on an underwater train traveling from Germany to New York.  It’s a bit of a mystery, with a couple of murders.  It’s a spy story.  There’s some adventure.  There’s some romance.

Rosalind Wallace’s father, a new-money self-made man, has informed his daughter that her visit to London is over and she will be returning home on the maiden trip of the Transatlantic Express.  This is his pet project, something that nobody thought could be done.  The only country willing to work with him was Germany and so Rosalind and her companions, aristocratic siblings Cecily and Charles de Vere, travel there to board the plan.  However, Charles goes missing on the platform and while Cecily assures Rosalind that everything is fine and that Charles was just called away, Rose expects something more sinister is afoot.

Then she finds Cecily and her maid murdered in their room.

I’m not going to lie.  I did not expect to like this book at all.  It’s not my kind of thing and I pretty much just read it because I had an ARC and it was short.  I really, really enjoyed it though!  I like Rosalind as a character.  She was smart and brave and opinionated.  All of the female characters were well done, rounded and smarter than they seemed.  (Which, you know, spies.  That’s important.)  I even caught myself wondering if this could become a series and what that would be like.

Great, short read.  Lots of fun.


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