Tally Monday- June 27, 2016

Checked Out

  1. Angels and Demons by Dan Brown
  2. Left Behind by Tim LaHaye




  1. Is it evil not to be sure? by Lena Dunham
  2. SuperMutant Magic Academy by Jillian Tamaki
  3. From Dead to Worse by Charlaine Harris
  4. End of Watch by Stephen King

TBR: 23

I’ve noticed a trend at work this summer.  Starting Thursday afternoon, I get a streak of calls from people looking for books on audio.  They are always specific books and the patron always needs them right away for a road trip.  Nothing else will do and they can’t wait for one to come in from another library.  I actually started to feel about peeved about it.

And then I did it myself.

Thursday morning I decided that I should try to get my hands on Angels and Demons for our trip to Ohio.  I wanted this specific book because I knew that Hubby had already read it and wouldn’t be upset if he couldn’t finish listening to it and also because he started reading it to me in the car one day last summer and I kind of wanted to get into it.  I checked for digital copies at both the library I work at and my local library.  No dice.  Then I looked for physical copies.  There was one checked in at the local library and I left early for work that day to pick it up.  We didn’t listen on the way down, instead we talked and listened to the radio.  On the way home, slightly hung over and very tired, Hubby asked me to put it in.  And the first disc was The DaVinci Code and the second disc started on chapter 11 and we swore some.

But I am a librarian and if Hubby wanted an audiobook to drive to, he was getting an audiobook. I pulled out my phone, logged into Overdrive, and we settled on Left Behind.  It was an interesting choice for us.  Really we just wanted something easy to follow and we’ve both heard how poorly written these books were and why the hell not?  It’s not our genre, you know.  Neither one of us would call ourselves Christians.  But it only took about 20 minutes for us both to be completely sucked in.  Now we both want to finish it and maybe even do the whole series.  Maybe.  We’ll see.  I’m not saying that it’s not already problematic.  When a character mentions his previous activity in the church and how he used to be on the church council, then turns right around and says he knows nothing about the Bible, I grow a little suspect.

It always amazes me when I write this up on Monday.  If you had asked me this morning, I would have told you that I didn’t read shit this week.  I spent most of the week pushing through the Stephen King (review below) and cursing myself for getting such a big stack again.  But I read a book on my phone just while I was eating this week and I finished an audiobook.  Then there was the graphic novel I read while working.  It’s been pretty balanced and I’ve done pretty well.

I am still working on reading my stack down.  I have to get it back under control now or it will explode into a multi-stack stack again. lol.  Right now it is too hot to do much of anything here in Michigan, but you know that I’ll try to find a way to do stuff anyway.  We were planning on a trip up north this coming weekend but I think we may have scrapped that idea.  Why drive up to a cottage to sit around and do nothing when we can save time by staying home and doing nothing?  I’m looking forward to a weekend of just us and kitties, books and board games, grilling and fires.  I hope your week sounds just as good.


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