Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris

It’s bound to happen in every series.  There’s a point where the story just gets dark and Dead and Gone is one of those books.  It seemed like the lighthearted fun was completely gone out of this one.  That doesn’t make it any less of a book.  It was just different.  It was a series of down notes.

It went fast and it was sucker punch after sucker punch.

The two natured have decided to join the vampires by coming out of their own supernatural closet.  For the most part the revelation goes well, except that Sam finds himself called away to care for his mother who was shot when she came out to her husband.  Sookie finds herself running the bar which, of course, means there is bound to be trouble.  A werepanther is found murdered and crucified in Merlot’s parking lot.  Jason is a prime suspect and Sookie finds herself trying to defend him yet again, even though she’s still mad at him.  Her great grandfather appears with a warning about a fairy war, urging her to be careful.  For Sookie there is always just way too much going on.

Lucky for her, she’s got a pile of favors to call in.  But with the extra security be enough to keep her safe?  And there’s the added problem of Eric and whether she really cares for him or it’s just that pesky blood bond getting in the way.

This book felt like it was meant to bridge the gap in the series, to merely get from one phase to the next.  It does the job.  I don’t know what’s coming and it kept me interested beyond the end.  There are only four books left and I have no idea where it’s going now.


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