What is a beach read?

What is a beach read?

I used to love going to Barnes and Noble and looking at the Summer Reads and Beach Reads piled on the tables.  I remember so many of them being classics and I loved talking around the tables and ticking off the ones I knew and recognized.

I think Barnes and Noble is where it became ingrained in me that summer reading was about getting to those classics you’ve been meaning to read for years.

One summer, I read Stephen Kind’s The Gunslinger and fell into the post apocalyptic/fantasy/western/scifi/horror head first.

One summer, I fell in love with a musician and dedicated my days to learning guitar and reading about rock’n’roll.

For the past couple of summers, I’ve set myself impossible reading tasks that I’ve swiftly forgotten.

Something about summer makes me want to read Faulkner.

This summer, I promised to make a dent in my TBR.  I am hammering away at it.  The dent is barely visible to the untrained eye.

This summer, I keep thinking of beach reads as mass market paperbacks.  I keep thinking of them as grocery store trash.  I want to pick up thrillers and romances and V.C. Andrews.  I want to melodrama.  But I also want to read my way through Hemingway, one book after another.

What do you want to read in the summer?


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