Listy #21- To Do List

Have you guys heard of Habitica?  It’s an App where you build an 8-bit character and level up by completing things on your to do list.  I have always been a fan of the To Do List, mostly because my memory is not the best and I have really high expectations of myself.  Earlier this year I quit making a paper To Do because I just couldn’t keep up with it.  Then I read about Habitica and downloaded it and am vastly better at getting things done because who doesn’t want to level up??

Here’s what is currently on my To Do List, with some explaining:

  1. Write (daily goal)- I try to write at least one page EVERY DAY.
  2. Edit (daily goal)- Currently stuck.  Not sure how to hack manuscript.
  3. clean pool
  4. lights- laundry- I break up my laundry because I hate doing it and get more points.
  5. bathroom walls- Still mudding and sanding!
  6. fans- My ceiling fans have grown fur and need to be cleaned.
  7. clean vacuum- I vacuumed the other day and my filter is gross.
  8. towels- laundry
  9. darks- laundry
  10. clean coffee pot- I ran vinegar and water through, then water.  I just need to scrub!
  11. flea meds- Because cats are assholes
  12. books- I did a bad thing and checked out a bunch of books and didn’t add them to my TBR.
  13. grocery list- Because I’m going after work.
  14. dr paperwork- My doctor has online patient information crap and it takes like 45 minutes to fill out and they want to know EVERYTHING.  I can’t remember my password and apparently LIED in my security questions so I’ve pretty much been avoiding this.

Actually, I’m pretty proud of how hard I have been working lately.  I cleaned the whole house this week, which is amazing considering that I haven’t been able to sleep and have basically been a zombie.  I would have gotten more done this morning but I opted to nap instead.

Who knows!  Maybe I’ll have a super productive weekend!  (Probably not though.)


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