Listy #29- Home Essentials

Like most of you, I lived with my parents for years.  Actually, I lived with my parents until I was 24, moved in with my then-fiance for about 5 months, and then moved back in with my parents for another year and a half before finally moving into my own house.  This created a strange sense of limbo.  When I lived with my ex, I picked up some of his habits and took on some of his expectations.  At least when I moved back in with my parents they were super cool and let me have my own way about things.

But when I was actually on my own (kind of), I started to develop my own ideas about what is essential to making my house a home.  Not so long ago, I was laying in bed, reading Weetzie Bat, thinking wistfully about the kind of house that book always makes me want.  Pink, filled with glitter and feathers and laughter and love.  I realized that my house isn’t that far off, filled with books and records and games and cats and laughter and love.


Home Essentials

  1. The food: Bacon, cheese, and chip dip.  My mother and I are pretty much chip dip fiends and also chronic dieters.  There would be dip in the house once in a while and I would eat that shit with a spoon if I could.  When I moved into my house, I decided that I would always have bacon, dip, and cheese because those things are awesome and make me happy.
  2. Cats.  Because I am that kind of person.
  3. Blankies.  You may not know this about me, but I am a huge fan of the blanket.  It started when I moved back home.  I was heartbroken and for the first week I didn’t have my own bedding or anything.  I used this purple fleece throw that was given to my mom as a gift.  I still have that blanket and I still use it.  One of my cats is pretty sure that blanket is her mommy.  There is nothing like curling up on the couch with a blankey after a long day or when you’re sick or if you’re cold.
  4. Books.  The room in my house that makes me the happiest is my office with it’s shelves of books.  Sometimes I like to just look at them.  Of course, they are too full and there are more books stashed everywhere but that makes me happy.
  5. A spot.  I firmly believe that everyone should have a spot in their house that they cannot wait to get to at night.  That’s a tricky one in my house because my spot is my spot on the couch and it’s not always accessible.  Sometimes Hubby falls asleep on the couch or sometimes the television is too much for me.  In those cases, I retire to my room where I hang out on the bed.
  6. An awesome bedspace.  Mine is a waterbed, because I am vintage a.f.  It has a bedrest pillow on it for sitting up and a couple of throws at the foot and maybe some stuffed unicorns I don’t know and usually at least one cat.  It’s great for sleeping, napping, and the occasional camp out when the couch is occupied.
  7. Comfort objects.  Maybe it’s a picture.  Maybe it’s a blanket.  Maybe it’s just a bag of Doritos.  Or maybe it’s fleece pajamas and a robe and a nice pair of slippers.  Anyway, you should always have something at home that is going to make you feel better no matter what.
  8. Knives.  Okay.  Funny story.  When I first met Hubby he told me how important it is to have knives and so I ordered myself a nice set of knives with a gift cert I had.  Knives are important, okay, and now that I have good ones, I have no idea what I would do without them.
  9. Places for things.  For me there are two essential ones: nail clippers and scissors.  There are places where these things belong and if they are not there I get downright pissed.

Sigh.  Now I want to go home, you guys, and I have to work for another five hours.  Plus that drive home.  But doesn’t it sound nice, especially on a chilly, rainy fall day like today?  Home, with a book and a cat and a blankey and a book.  Double sigh.


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