Tally Monday- October 3, 2016

Checked Out

  1. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
  2. By the Shores of Silver Lake by Laura Ingalls Wilder




  1. Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris

TBR 25

Believe it or not, I did make some serious attempts to read this week.  I am working on Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt and it’s really good.  That is to say, I’m enjoying it.  I’m happily becoming acquainted with the odd little town cursed by a witch whose corporal form wanders the area as she pleases, sometimes appearing in living rooms to be covered with tea towels and the like.  It is nicely creepy and I love books with that great New England feel.  But it is taking me a loooooong time and it breaks my heart knowing that tomorrow I have to return to book unfinished and wait for possibly two more months to finish it or give in a buy the Kindle edition, something I would have already done if it was priced at $9.99 instead on $12.99.  Apparently, $9.99 is my cut off for the e-book and even spending that much pains me.

I do this thing with my audiobooks.  When I finish one, I take the rest of that work week off to listen to podcasts.  Since starting my new job back in December, I’ve really fallen behind on Podcasts because I can’t really listen while I work anymore.  My desk is too public and my off desk work takes a lot of my brain.  I’ve been enjoying a couple of new pods lately: Fat Feminist Witch and Eliza Starting at 16.  Two completely different podcasts that make me laugh and think, all while making the time fly.

It was an incredibly busy weekend for me, which prevented me from reading as much as I wanted to.  It started Thursday morning at 7 AM and didn’t stop until 1:30 yesterday afternoon when I finished unpacking from a wedding and collapsed into bed for a much needed nap.  There was a concert (NoFX!!!) in the rain, grocery shopping, an ultrasound, a last minute vet visit, a wedding nearly across the state.  When I got up from my nap I picked at my book a bit here and there and then had A Talk with myself.

Lately I have been cranky and lazy and stressed and worried.  Of course there are reasons and perfectly viable ones at that.  I’m not making excuses when I say that I am too tired to do something or when I can’t actually manage to keep my emotions in check because hormones are real things.  (Seriously, the other day I got a wedding invitation and cried.  Or, here’s one, during the wedding I cried because it was so sweet and then was completely grossed out because it was so sweet and there was KISSING.  Emotions are weird.)  I’ve spent the last two weeks being way less physically active because of my bruised tailbone.  But even as I tell you guys that my excuses are completely valid, we both know that I’ll feel better if I, you know, try to fucking do something once in a while.  Something more than staring blankly into space.

And so, here’s where I am right now.  First, I have a ton of reading to do, books and magazines create deathtraps in nearly every space of my home and my e-books are like a ticking bomb in the back of my brain.  Again I will dedicate myself to cleaning it up a bit.  Second, I am going to have to make a point to do stuff, like clean and cook and figure out new insurance stuff and look at the furnace and all of those millions of things on my to do list.  Finally, I’m going to try to play games with Hubby whenever he asks.  There’s no reason I can’t.  I’m usually just sitting and staring anyway.

Fall, and October especially, is when I feel the need for renewal and rebuilding.  So I am going to do that.  I am going to renew, rebuild, and live a bit.  I’m only going to be pregnant once and Octobers only come around once a year.  It’s all going to be okay and I have to start believing that and doing better.  Doing my best, in fact.

So, for the rest of the month, let’s all read books and drink warm drinks and eat apples and bake an early pumpkin pie and cuddle blankets and cats and try try try to do our bests.

I believe in us.  I mean, we’re pretty damn awesome.


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