My Bookish Pregnancy

Is it like this for all book nerds?

Do they spend their gestating months thinking about what books to add to their child’s bookshelf?  Are they gifted a book at only three months?  Do they seek out their childhood books, the few they still have, and set them aside for the baby?

Is it normal to have a reading plan for before birth and one for after?

Do their husbands assure them that the two month maternity leave will help them keep their reading numbers up while everyone else chuckles and says smuggly, “You’ll never read again”?  Do they look at the piles of books they own and think, “For two months I’ll read nothing but you”?

Do they plan to read whatever they are reading to the baby until he’s old enough to understand?  (There’s no need to ruin him with existential dread before preschool, after all.)

When people keep offering them changing tables do they keep wondering where the hell the book shelf is going to come from?

I don’t know.  But this is what my pregnancy is like.


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