Listy #46- Things I’ve Been Thinking About Reading

Wow.  We’ve been at it for 46 weeks so far!  Only six weeks of lists left!  I know that I missed a couple of weeks but we kept right on trucking and now here we are.  Where are we?

Last week I talked a little bit about the things I stock piled to keep my sanity during maternity leave.  One of my biggest annoyances during the pregnancy has been the number of people who like to say things like, “Hon, you’re just not going to have time to read.  You’re going to have a baby to take care of!”  Yeah.  I get it.  I know that they are work and I am going to be tired and I’m going to have mom brain.  Then I get to go back to work!  But, seriously, reading is such a huge part of who I am that I know it won’t go away completely.  And I’ve spent some time thinking about things that I would like to read while I am on maternity leave.

Books I’ve Thought About Reading

  1. Obviously, I have an a abundance of books to read at home.  I buy books.  Because I like them and they make happy and one of my favorite things is sitting in front of my book shelf and just looking at my glorious books.  I also have a book jar.  Okay, it’s a book hat box because I have so many books that I would need a very large jar.  In my earliest, purest phase of planning I intended to just pull random books from my book box and explore my vast collection unburdened by a TBR stack.
  2. And then I thought that maybe light reading would be a better idea and I toyed with the idea of possibly buying the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.  They are short and funny and fast and I thought they might be perfect.
  3. Of course, there is a big, big part of me that really wanted to use that time to reread The Dark Tower series because I just always want to reread it.  This is the complete opposite of easy.  The books are big and deep and can make for some rough reading.  I just really want to reread them.
  4. Then that led to reminding me that The Stand is my next Stephen King book and I really want to read all of the Stephen King books.  Really.
  5. I also thought that maybe short stories were a good idea and I have been fighting an impulse to buy all of the Alice Munro collections I haven’t read yet.

Who knows where the future will lead me.  Who knows what my capacity to read will be.  But I can tell you this much:  Tonight I am making a wish list on Amazon, just for me.


One thought on “Listy #46- Things I’ve Been Thinking About Reading

  1. I read with a newborn… after napping of course 😜 Hold baby in one arm and the book the the other. I remember finishing Gone Girl in a day just like this (audiobooks are life savers too)
    Enjoy the rest of your challenge (and pregnancy!)

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